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Advise on first Super Sport Bike

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Felix, Mar 8, 2011.

  1. Hey Guys,

    I could really use some advice.

    Coming off my first bike, a Ninja 650R and upgrading to a 1000cc sports bike. Possibly a 750.

    I plan to keep this bike for quite a few years and want something I can grow my riding skills with. It will be 08 or newer with lowish kms. Price is not a factor in this decision. I do not commute and I ride bikes purely for love. I spend 99% percent of my time in the Royal National Park or anywhere else I can find corners. Although I consider myself a safety conscious and sensible rider, I have a corner addiction and this will be the focus of the bike that I get. I’m fully aware of the power…. and pain that these bikes can deliver if not treated with sensibility and respect. I’m also planning on doing a lot more riding courses and track days at Eastern Creek though, as mentioned, 99% of my riding will be on public roads. I am 5’10 and 84kg. I believe I couldn’t go wrong with any of these bikes but I would be really grateful for your experience, input and opinions on the choice for my next bike.

    The bikes I am considering are:
    • GSX R 1000
    • GSX R 750
    • ZX 10
    • YZF R1
    • CBR 1000 RR
    Which would you choose if you were me and why ?

    Thanks in advance for your help.

  2. 675.............
  3. Geez that was a quick response. Ive heard great things about the 675.
  4. Hi Felix.
    I have recently upgraded from an RVF400 to a GSX-R750 09 model and I love it.
    My bike use is for both commuting and for the track so that it was I went for the 750 - just a bit more useability on the road yet plenty of punch for the track. Just ride all of the bikes mentioned and see which one's tickle your bike bone. For instance, I found the R1 not to my liking because it didn't fit me right and I didn't like the gearing. All of the engines on a litre bike are stonking so the only difference will be in how they feel when you ride each of them. The ergonomics might feel sweet on one but crap on another.
    At the end of the day, if the bike is going to be used just for riding through twisties and general touring then I would lean towards on of the litre bikes.
  5. Well if they are all 08's, and this is only my opinion. But I have ridden them all.

    GSX R 1000. Brilliant all rounder. Comfy, fast and easy to ride. Getting a little fat and old looking against some of the competition. 2nd

    GSX R 750. One of the best power to weight bikes going. Easy to ride all day. In two months you might wish you bought the thou. Power is very addictive. 4th

    ZX 10. A good street bike. A bit fat and heavy in this class and hard to make handle really well. And it does get pretty nervous on the limit. For mine last choice. 5th

    YZF R1. Looks sensational. Sounds awsome. A little down on power but not enough for the av Jo to notice. Really needs a good suspension tuner to get it to suit YOU 3rd

    CBR 1000 RR. Deserves all the credit it gets. Awsome power. Sensational handling bog std. A face only a mother could love. And so so reliability. Good ones are great, ones that have not been looked after and serviced properly are crap. 1st but an iffy first. I would want to see every service invoice before I bought it.
  6. Hey Bretto,

    I cant believe how good the constructive helpful input is from this site. Just for the record I was specifying 08 or newer.

    Thanks so much, that was really detailed information.
  7. Is it purely for the twisties or are you planning long trips as well,
  8. Purely for short trips. Average ride 1-2 hours. Long ride for me 4hrs.
  9. You need some thing nimble then, sharp rake on the front for the twisties, short wheel base,
  10. Considered a Naked???
    I've got a 2010 Z1000 & the sheer grunt out of the corners is unbelievable!
    With the torque on hand, you don't have to play with the gears too much either (unless you want to!)
    Hardest thing is keeping the front wheel down in 1st & 2nd (& 3rd!)
    Also has the attributes deadman suggests!
  11. Since your're a large guy and planning to take it to the track I would recommend the new ZX10R, that thing is a beast on the track and I don't think you'll regret your purchase. If money is truly no object like you said you might want to add the BMW S1000RR, its arguably one of the best litre supersports money can buy.
  12. Hi Scorpious, Thanks.

    83 kg and 5'10. Definately not a large guy.

    The BMW's look brilliant but when I said money was no object, I only meant that it wouldnt be a factor in choosing which of the second hand bikes that I listed. To me, a thousand or so either way is less important than getting the best bike for me over the next few years.
  13. Mate it will come down to your connection. As in riding them and just feeling this bike is for me.
    If you were going to do long trips or commute 70 or more K's a day, my selections would be totally reversed.
    They are all that good on the road. Well beyond most of us. There are so many factors in it. The most power does not mean it will be the fastest. The fastest bike does not make the best rider. Or will be in front. Take your time and take them all out for a ride. If the dealer wont let you...phfft there is another dealer just waiting for your cash.
    On your contract write that the sale depends on YOUR OWN FINANCE. Even if you plan to use theirs. Don't say who you are getting the finance through. It's just an easy and simple way to pull the plug on a sale and get your deposit back.
    All the best bud and happy hunting.
    ps A full service history is a must for modern sports bikes. Don't take the risk without one.
  14. I'd go the CBR1KRR but that's just me. I own one myself and love it. It handles great, power delivery is awesome, it's fairly comfortable even for those longer trips.

    That said, as above, I'd be taking them all for a ride and deciding for yourself which one is better suited and more fitting/comfortable for you to ride. Which one you feel at home on.

    They are all good bikes but ultimately YOU need to be happy with it.
  15. Oh, and don't forget to post some pics once you've got your new organ donor machine home. (y)
  16. If you're buying new, look at the '11 ZX10R. Very quick - UNBELIEVEABLY easy to ride and use.

    Of the choices listed:

    1. GSXR750 Great handling, easiest to use.
    2. CBR1000R 'blade. Real power, great handling, easy to ride. Make sure it's been looked after.
    3. R1. Stable, great engine, slightly down on power and up on weight, but not so much that a good rider couldn't overcome that. Brilliant traction / drive off corners. Sounds fantastic.
    4. GSXR1000. Stomp. Comfort. Handles pretty good but can have poor front end feel and feedback. Depends on the individual example, but some are a bit video game at the front.
    5. Older ZX10R. Power. Handling ok unless you're really good + fast. Twitchy - fast - aggressive - hairy chested real mans' bike. They are very, very quick and very exciting, but it will probably give you big eyes and white knuckles more than the others.

    I guess what I've rated them on, 1 to 5, is ease of use. The one you can use most easily, will be the one you can go the quickest on. In terms of pure measurable performance, there's very little difference.
  17. Honda cbr1000rr

    No hesitation.


    Triumph 675 ( I just came from a thou, down to the 675. Awesome bike that is more useable than the thou.

    But if you must have obscene amounts of power, then the Honda is my suggestion.
  18. Yep can't go past the CR500

    Don't tell the wife its nicknamed the Widomaker before you purchase it though...
  19. LOL ...

    675 streetfighter material. Nearly new. Fairing slightly crooked, but should buff out. One owner, low miles....
    Does awesome stoppies!!! Small dent in tank ...
  20. Wow!! There's two of 'em??? That bike you're talking about Kneedragon, sounds just like mine!!

    It's uncanny!!