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Advise on a faulty TV?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by bambam_101, Oct 11, 2007.

  1. Hi,

    A little while ago, International Dynamics, the importers of Loewe TVs released a small advertisment in the Heraldsun stating that certain TVs they sold in a 5 year period were faulty and were being recalled. They had a problem with the power supplies which inevitably caused the tellies to catch fire.

    My accountant, a mate of mine, has one of these TVs and I mentioned to him to have it checked a few months ago (tax time). He ignored me or forgot about it.

    Last night his telly caught fire. Small amount of damage to his room (just charring or the wall) but the tv is a write off.

    My question is whether or not he has any recourse with the manufacturer/importer? Does the fact that they took out a small recall ad in the paper get them off the hook in this case? Any advise on what he can do?

    Cheers guys.

  2. The Product Safety Section of the ACCC has overall policy responsibility for monitoring the conduct and outcomes of consumer goods safety recalls in Australia, tell you mate to give them a call and find out his options.

    One not so ethical option is to tell your mate to plead ignorance, in that he never saw the ad, they may at least replace the TV as it was a known fault.
  3. Ad? What ad? :wink:
  4. Thats the thing. He never saw the ad. Only became aware of it when I told him about it.

    Err...I mean.......I know nothing!
  5. Let his insurance policy sort the mess out, that's what we pay them to do....
  6. Nothing to see here move along! Sorry an ad does not absolve them of liability for a faulty product. at the very least he should get a free TV.
  7. It was for a very specific chassis range. Have you checked it was in that list?

    If it was, he is home and dry. Loewe will probably go out of their way to help. If not, then insurance etc...

    Not a nice thought to have a tv catch fire.
  8. I wish my TV would catch fire...

    POS :evil:
  9. I'd cry for a month if mine caught fire. 55" LCD Rear Projection. :grin: