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Advice: Yamaha YB100

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Akraziatic, Jan 18, 2011.

  1. Heya.

    Just introduced myself in the intro forum, see: https://netrider.net.au/forums/showthread.php?p=2080202#post2080202

    Anyways I've found an old YB100 which I would be interest in for my first bike purchase.

    Just wondering if anyone could shed some light on this bike. I've heard positive reviews for used bikes on other forums though I'm concerned with how I might cope with one.

    Mostly concerned with how available parts might be and if there are any possible after market parts that would substitute aswell as what they are like to work on yourself.

    The reason I ask is because I own an old mini and I know how much of a pain it is to get specific parts.

    I am keen to get this bike, if not something similar, to get me through my LAMS (I will most likely hang onto it after this) until I find the next step for my fuel fix.

    [edit - add] I forgot to mention I am open to any advice whether it regard bikes of this nature/era etc. whatever knowledge you can share with me will be appreciated

  2. Why a YB100? Not taking the piss, genuinely interested...
  3. haha. nah your right. I know nothing about this bike except the few reviews I have read online. hence posting on the forum about it. Though I found one locally for a price I could be happy with. I like the old cafe race style bikes. I don't mind the odd tinkering if need be (not ready for full R & R's just yet) and I feel it would suit my needs at the moment just commuting back and forth from uni and exploring Canberra as I've only recently moved here. I'm open to other suggestions of bikes similar be it newer or older.
  4. What year is it?

    Unlikely to be aftermarket parts except for maybe generic things like blinkers. Never heard of them, unless it is only a couple hundred and running I would keep looking.

    And thats from an Aprillia and Buell owner, not the easiest bikes for parts.
  5. "Cafe racer" style? The YB100 is, or rather was, a cheap 2-stroke basic commuter.

    I've ridden (tested) one before, it was rattly, smoky & gutless. That was back in '82/83 when I was riding its "descendant" mebbe 3 generations down, a Yamaha RX-S (115cc) overseas. The YB was a loaner from the m/bike shop. It couldn't reach 90ks.

    Old 2-strokers deteriorate far more than 4-stroke counterparts. You will really need to do serious research if you're going down this route.

    If you really like cafe-racer strokers, look for a RD125/250 (pre LC models), you will enjoy these more. No offence tro owners/enthusiasts, I reckon a postie bike rides better than a YB100!
  6. Old, high-maintenance, and probably going to struggle at anything much above 60kph (not that you'd want to go much faster with outdated brakes and suspension). As a toy or a project it'd be fine if you could get a good price, but for regular transport I'd be looking elsewhere.

    Small vintage/classic bikes aren't easy to find, as most were never considered worth maintaining/restoring. Might be worth looking at some of the cheap bikes now coming out of Asia, which are basically just modern copies of old Japanese designs. Bikes like the Sachs 150KN/Express, Kymco CK125 etc are fairly cheap new, and very cheap 2nd hand.
  7. Being an 8HP stroker, backpressure will be all-important too - the exhausts should be solid (because I doubt you'd get more...), and I'd also be checking I could get a steady supply of manifold gaskets...
    Definitely an "enthusiasts" bike, not a commuter...
  8. I'd tend to agree that the YB would be more trouble than it's worth. It's the sort of thing I spent more time around than was healthy way back when.

    As a cheapo commuter or learner hack at the time, they weren't bad, but 20+ years on and in a licensing environment that allows you to ride bigger bikes I don't really see the point unless you have some sort of sentimental attachment to the breed.

    Spares are likely to be difficult. If you can't get parts from Yamaha, the bike has no classic status and so won't have a large enthusiast support base. Some stuff might be available out of the UK where there may just be enough left to make it worthwhile to supply spares.

    On the plus side, I remember a bloke who "tuned" his, extending the hole in the disc valve and taking a file to the exhaust port. It ended up astoundingly fast for what it was, although the handling and braking left much to be desired.

    If you must have a 30 year old Jap two stroke 100/125, at least start with something that was a bit better to start with. Suzuki GT/GP/TS, Kawasaki KC/KH/KE, Yamaha RS/RD are all better bikes than the YB, with proper tube frames, 14-15 bhp and, if you're lucky, front discs.
  9. +1 to the RD, I had one back in the day and loved it.
    Bit of a collector's item themselves though, these days...
  10. ..they're still making them. ;)

    Not ridden the original, but the modern versions are certainly fun. Pity they don't sell them here though :(.
  11. Thinking about it, your best bet for an old-school small stroker might be a Yam DT175. They only stopped importing them about 4 years ago, so you can have all the undoubted fun of such a bike in a package that hasn't suffered 30 years of wear and tear.
  12. I got all excited for a second, but then the wiki page loaded... :(
    That ain't no RD...

    Mine looked like this, but was cherry red with a bikini:
  13. You have to expect some updates over time. :p
    I actually quite like the updated styling, though the pic on the wiki page really doesn't do them justice. Here's the one I rode from a different angle:

    Attached Files:

  14. When I mentioned the RD, I was talking about the RD125/200 family of aircooled twins, which were a significantly different bike from the 250/350/400s and certainly very different from the LC.

    The bikes referred to by jd look more like a derivative of the single pot RS.
  15. Yeah I know Pat and I'm sorry, but you got me started - I really, really loved that bike :)
    It was stolen too, and that doesn't help...
  16. Consensus is, YB100=crap, look for something else... case closed..
  17. Well, I'd be slightly more charitable. If it's cheap and still shiny and low mileage from having sat in some old boy's (dry) shed for the last 25 years and you don't want to rely on it as everyday transport it'd be a fun little novelty. Otherwise I'd see it as too much effort for too little return.

    But then, what do I know? When I started riding, my old man had exactly the same view on the BSA Bantams and contemporary Villiers powered British grey porridge that occupied a similar niche for his generation and look at what shiney examples of those are fetching these days. Which only goes to prove that an awful lot of classic enthusiasts never actually ride their bikes :bolt:.
  18. I also said it would be fun to have if the price was reasonable.
    Of course given the OP owns a Mini they should already be well aware of the realities of using an old vehicle as everyday transport (ie not impossible, but usually expensive).
  19. True, but whatever the problems I'd rather find spares for a Mini than for a 30+ year old Jap commuter.
  20. Though a 100cc bike is a lot easier to push.