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Advice which bike to get rid of

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by Dylan05, May 23, 2012.

  1. I have two bikes CBR1000 04-05 and CBR 400 NC23. the blade is a street bike and the 400 is a track bike. I am looking to have only one bike. I have two choices
    1. Turn the blade into the track bike, as its newer and parts are easy to get and I pretty much cant kill a litre bike, and sell the 400 or
    2. Keep the 400 as its track ready and sell the blade.

    Some advice please
  2. Do you ride much on the big bike, do you depend on it for transport? If you throw it up the track getting to work might pose a challenge....
  3. The litre bike is gathering dust at the moment as I have a work car, more track orientated now, too many tools on the road. I asked the boss which one I should get rid of and she said keep the big one, track it, keep it registered at least if I bin it I'm still TAC insured. so I think the 400's going up for sale
  4. TAC covers race track stacks?
  5. if you don't tell them it was on a race track of couse there will
  6. Sounds like you have made up your mind already... but i wouldn't of thought that your insurance would cover a track day wreck..

    If you have heaps of coin keep the 1000 if not .. keep the 400, what is going to be cheaper to repair? and run.. if you can't decide just keep both..
  7. TAC doesnt cover the track wreck of your bike just your injuries, so your bike will not be covered. Dont have heaps of coin but parts for the 400 are getting harder to find biggest cost of the litre will be tyres
  8. sell both and get a 600? It will give you that compromise between a light bike and more power than a 400.
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  9. 1000 for PI. 400 for Broadford.

    Depending on which track you'll spend more time at, decide the bike.

  10. Sell them both and get a newish 600, you get to eat cake then.
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  11. depends if you plan on racing or not, i reckon
  12. Thats what I was looking at doing originally just thought as I had the blade I should just track that, resale value taken into account and all. I would prefer the 600 though.
    Pain the arse to get the road worthy done on the blade, take of flush mounted indicators swap the slip on .........
  13. Thats what I've been doing, more time at broadford
  14. I reckon get a 600 from 06 onwards, you'll still have change left over from the blade and 400
  15. am i the only one that picked up on this

    ...... is she hot:D
  16. FWIW, sell the 1000 and just ride the crap out of the 400 :)

  17. Yes she is