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Advice when looking for VFR750's

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by rbarge, Feb 9, 2006.

  1. I'm going to look at a few VFR750's this weekend and was after some advice on what to look out for i.e. known faults.

    They are both 89 models.

    Many thanks !
  2. The only thing to look out for on any Honda of that year is the charging. Rec/regs used to be a weak spot. It one of those things though that it could be working when you ride it away and it could have fialed by the next day. Apart from that they were bullet proof and a good quick bike even by todays standards.
  3. Thanks Pete.

    I read about them, and found the DIY CPU fan work around :)
  4. Good luck. I can't really offer any advice about the models you are taking for a spin. But i can tell you the VFR's are awesome.

    I took a '92 model for a ride and it felt awesome. I then got on the '95, which is updated model and i loved it so much i bought it. :)

    Have fun!
  5. I think some early ones have a 16-inch front wheel- best avoided due to poor tyre choice and compromised handling.
    As Pete said, reg-recs on all Hondas of the era are not great but they aren't too expensive, either.
    Make sure anything you have to replace is available and cheap.
    Braided lines are a worthy addition.
    If you get a single-sided swingarm model, try very hard to get the chain adjusting tool, and the tool for the retaining nut.
    Service records are a bonus- they'll last forever with oil but the gear drive to the cam can suffer if the owner was negligent. Fortunately, almost everyone who bought a VFR was an elderly doctor.
  6. The guys who have or have had VFR 750 just love em, I would take notice of what heinze said, maybe avoid the earlier model, I did look at a few a couple of months ago, good tidy ones are hard to find but. So im'e hanging of till I get a Hyo 650 GT, not a lot more $$$$
  7. Thanks Guys

    The one I'm looking at are in the 3k-4k range so I guess they might have some not so great features like the 16-inch front wheel, but that could be handy getting price down :)
  8. The vfr750 models *generally* improved through the years, although I'm a big fan of the original styling (conventional swingarm models). I really don't think that you can go wrong with any of the models in particular. 16 inch tyre choice is still plentiful, and only really becomes a worry if you're after super-sticky rubber.

    High kilometres don't really seem to worry them if serviced regularly, but look out for all the normal stuff (head, wheel bearing play, etc). Reg/rec problems will have affected most vfr's at some stage. Aftermarket ones will have cooling fins, the originals don't (no guarantee of trouble-free operation, but an essential start!), so check this (attached to subframe).

    There's an absolute wealth of information on the net about these bikes/models, they're held in high regard by their owners.
  9. Bummer! Went to see the first one liked it, then went to see the second bike not so good. Rang the first guy back and it had gone :evil: :evil: :evil:
  10. Dont want to rub your nose in it but I pick up a brand new 2006 VFR800 on Monday. Nothing to do with the thread but as big Kev would say "I'm excited"
  11. Well thinking about it after. I might be good I didn't get the first one I looked at. Any thing would have seemed nice and fast after the Virago.

    Even a big mac tastes nice when your hungry :LOL:

    Funny the bike seemed powerfully but not in an uncontrollable way, got a taste for a bigger bike now :grin:
  12. You bastard! :p

    I just got back from taking my VFR750 for its first decent outing to Jan Juc. Went fantastic.

    The VFR was the same for me. Until you get it to howl! Then you know the beast has some excitement in her.