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Advice wanted on upgrade from Honda CB250 to VT750 Shadow

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by JamesJoyce, Jan 12, 2005.

  1. Hi all,

    I am thinking about trading in my my 6 month old CB250 for a new Honda Shadow. I expect to get about $3000 trade in for the CB, which means about an $8,000 changeover price .. does that sound about right ? Should I perhaps try to sell the CB privately and aim for a little over $4k ? It has 1200 km on it and has very little in the way of wear and tear. Would I be correct in assuming that it would sell easily ?

    I test ride the Shadow tomorrow to check the ergonomics. What I am wondering is what are peoples opinions on that Shadow for commuting ? .. The CB250 is a brillant commuter (apart from being a bit boggy when it is cold). My commute, unfortunately, is only 3km each way. Apart from that even a ride into the shops is at best 5km each way. I do expect to get in some highway cruising roughly once a fortnight. The CB250 is one gear and about 5 hp short for comfortable highway work, which is the main reason for the upgrade.

    I went for a day cruise on a Harley 1200 Sportser and a 250 Yamaha Virago over X'mas. The Virago won my vote, but after the having been so impressed with the reliability and engineering of the humble CB250 I would rather stick with a mid-size Honda.

    Finally, my favourite part of riding the CB250 is cornering fairly quickly and getting a good lean into the corners. On the Virago I did drag my shoe a couple of times. Does any one have any comment about any limitations with trying to ride the Shadow in the same way ?