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Advice wanted on new bike purchase

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by oldfart, Jan 11, 2005.

  1. Hi,
    I am new to this forum and am looking for advice on which bike to buy. I am over 50 and have not ridden for 3 or 4 years. The last bike I rode was an old Yamaha 250 but I am now looking for something bigger. I was looking at a Honda VT750C cruiser but I have not ridden a cruiser before. I understand that there can some ground clearance problems. I am not interested that much in being a boy racer - those days have passed. Just want something comfortable to ride that will also take a pillion without causing great headaches. Any ideas?

  2. Welcome to the forums! You should check out the Ulysses ad pages - they frequently have bikes that could suit what you are after. (see http://www.ulysses.org.au/ - link to members ads on the left)

    Have you considered something like a yamaha diversion (900cc shaft-drive touring bike)? Many people swear by them. Very reliable, decent enough performance, etc. Hard to fault really if horsepower isn't high on your priority list.

    I am not personally very knowledgable about cruiser style bikes though.
  3. I had a Diversion 900, great bike very comfortable and could cover distance very quickly and still corner pretty hard as well.
  4. I would not advise a cruiser style of bike, all your weight is carried through your bum and spine, no support for your from your legs because of the forward mounted pegs. I reckon a Diversion or Bandit style of bike is the way to go. Easy on the wrists and back and capable of long distance touring. I went the cruiser route after a 15 year absence from bikes. Wasn't a lot of joy.
  5. An interesting question. I quite often get frustrated by the lack of simple motorbikes on the market.

    What sort of money are you looking at?

    Guzzi have the 750 Breva, or the Nevada which are similar. Apparently they are better then the old guzzis in that the gearbox is smoother and the throttle and clutch is lighter.

    In a similar price range the Kawa Z750 seems like good value and the soon to be release Yamaha naked (actually half faring) 600.

    Then again the 1200 bandit is only a few hundred more, but I'm guessing that might be a bit big, heavy and powerful.
  6. I am not sure if I am doing this properly.

    I guess I would like to spend up to about $15000 that is why the Cruisers looked like good value.

    I have spoken to a bike shop today and they recommended a Bandit or a Yamaha FZ1 (I think).

    He also said that because I am about 6ft tall that I could probably get away with not sitting so upright on a cruiser and so not get too many back problems.

  7. As far as the Bandit goes it does not feel as heavy as it is. I am about 5' 9" and weigh about 68 kg and don't find the weight a problem. My mate has an 01 Bandit and mine is a 98 mod. The later bike feels more heavy at the bars than mine but it disappears when on the move. If you are 6 feet tall size should not really be an issue if you are of average build.