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Advice wanted on buying bike

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by SilverFox, Nov 20, 2005.

  1. Hello all,

    I am off to inspect this bike:


    and am after some tips to look for - especially in relation to picking an ex-racer. I am okay mechanically (though not bikes) but was curious if there were any telltale signs. Also, for all you 2strokers (or ex 2 strokers) out there, what kind of condition would you expect a 28000km engine to be in - if i bought it would I be looking at a whole new rebuild in 2000 k's? (I don't know about service history - I will check when I get there)

    Any thoughts most appreciated.


    P.S. I know that a 2 stroker is not the ideal learner bike, but the heart sometimes overrules the head :)
  2. From the netrider guide https://netrider.net.au/articles/?page=used_bike_guide

    Racing puts tremendous stress on machinery. You may or may not want to buy a bike that's been raced (the price ought to be way lower than it would be otherwise), but you should definitely try to find out if it has or hasn't been raced, so you can adjust the price accordingly if need be.

    Look for holes drilled through the heads of bolts [1], which racers use to safety-wire bolts in place. Check: front brake caliper mounting bolts [1], exhaust pipe bolts, engine case bolts, oil/water drain bolts [2], etc. The holes will be small, about 1/16", and should not be confused with the 1/8"-3/16" holes and castellated nuts that are often used to hold axle nuts on axles with cotter pins. Safety-wire ends can be extremely sharp -- don't cut yourself.
    Tires with roughed up edges, covered with ragged strips of balled-up rubber is a sure sign that the bike has been raced. [3] [4] If the rear tire is completely flat in the middle but looks practically new on the sides, the owner may have performed a burn-out with them. (Not necessarily damaging to anything other than the rear tire, but a possible signal that the owner hasn't taken good care of the machine.) In rare instances, frazzled/ragged edges may be there because the bike's owner bought "take-offs" (used race tires) from a racer, and not because the bike itself was raced. But be very suspicious.
    Also look for heavy-duty aftermarket engine covers [5] -- made by NRC, Factory, Traksport, Yoshimura, etc. Many racing organizations require them, so they're a decent tip-off that the bike has been raced. They tend to be cheaper than the OEM case covers they replace, however, so sometimes they're used to replace crash-damaged case covers. By themselves, they aren't proof that a bike has been crashed or raced, but look around carefully for other tell-tale signs.
    Look at the under-side of the rear fender. (You may need a flashlight for this.) If you see a thick streak of balled up & flung-off rubber on the inside of the fender, that's a good sign that the owner has done a burn-out on the bike. Burn-outs mostly damage the tire, but could be indicative of other abuse. Be alert.
    Check the frame for cracks, usually along welds. Check around the steering head, around the engine mounts, and, if possible, welds in the front fairing bracket and rear subframe. ("If possible" because these brackets may well be covered by fairings on many models.) [/quote]
  3. <sheepish grin>

    Thanks - I haver read that guide a couple of times, but for some reason got a mental blank this morning.

    By the sounds of it, I think this guy may be an international student, looking to ditch the bike before moving on. This means my concern is less that it is a racer but more that it hasn't been serviced. Especially with a highly strung bike like this, no service record and I will walk away (ApriliaGirls recent unfortunate experiences have given me a sobering lesson)

    On a side note, the guy claims it was an Aus delivery, but the picture shows the speedo in MPH - surely that means import?