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Advice wanted - Newbie + 06 CBR600RR straight up

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Jas_1973, Apr 23, 2007.

  1. Hi All,

    Just found this forum and seen a lot of knowledge and experience is displayed. Time to get some of this knowledge/experience from you.

    I am a newbie, last bike I rode was a Kawasaki 75 some 25 years ago. Anyway, got my L's (NSW) through the rider training course. Did not have any issues, but of course it is a controlled environment.

    Anyway as I am 34, mature age rider, I can do P's rider training course/test straight away.

    Question is, do I just borrow/hire 250's for a month till I get P's (if I pass course/test first time) and then I can buy the bike I want (2006 CBR600RR - Telefonica special) or just bite bullet and buy 250 and keep for 6 months, then upgrade.

    At the moment their is some good prices on brand new CBR600RR Telefonica as they are now last years model. Obviously they are not that popular with majority otherwise I would of expected them to sell all new ones by now.

    My days of being a total hoon have gone, as I have got older and owned turbo charged and V8 cars. So I think I would have throttle control on a larger bike, giving me some time to get used to riding, and of course heaps of practice on quiet streets/car parks.

    Any info/opinions on what I should do, and also opinions on the 2006 CBR600 would be appreciatted.

    Thanks in advance.

  2. Hope you've done having kids, because you won't be having any after you sit on a cbr600rr for more than 10 minutes. Have you tried it before? Seriously hurt me!
  3. i owned a gpx for a year before i had my fz1 but i was and still am a hoon when it comes to vehicles.i feel my fz1 is much safer that my gpx was, stopping quicker and heavier to handle the wind on the rides to sydney. its totally ure choice but for first road bike, well i mean u havnt rode in a long time,how would u go about dropping a near new bike? the only let down well if it is one with a larger bike is that it has loads of power and could get u in trouble. however its the rider that kills the rider not the bike! i would go for plenty of test rides on as many bikes as you can and find out which one is your type!
  4. Its not so much you being a hoon, its that say if something does happen, and it hasnt become second nature, a bigger faster bike can be _far_ less forgiving then a small lower powered bike. Eg car pulls out in front of you (which will happen), and you freak for a second and you twist the throttle whilst trying to grab a fistful of front brake.

    Not saying you are guaranteed to crash, but a 250 is a lot more forgiving until a lot of things become second nature.
  5. Get the CBR600RR if you want it. As someone else said you might find the riding position uncomfortable. I however love the racing position on supersport bikes but other hate it. I would hate for you to jump in and get something that is not for you. Maybe ask for a test ride on the 07 model first.
  6. Get the 600, but check on how much full comprehensive insurance costs first :wink:.
  7. Don't you have to wait for a period on a LAMs bike in NSW?
  8. Personally I wouldn't recommend a 120hp starting bike with a top speed of 260kph and an 11 second quarter. It's like using a Ferrari Enzo or a Mclaren F1 as your learner car. Would you do that?

    Thats not to say that you can't do it safely, but there's a heck of a lot of experienced riders who cant cope with the power and performance of these things properly.

    Don't think "it's ONLY 600cc's" because all the modern 600cc sports bikes put out about 50% more power than the old 1000cc bikes of the 70's put out.

    In the end, it comes down to how responsible a person you really think you can be. If you think you can control your desire to do 0-200 in 400 metres then go right ahead.

    I'd also say, yes, like frikendevil says, you're not GUARANTEED to crash as a learner, it's just that about 98% of learners do. And a lot of them do it regularly. And despite your age, you ARE a learner all over again.

    Most of the deaths in SE QLD on motorbikes in the last few years have been the returning bike rider type - about your age, jumping straight on to 600-1000cc machines. Think about it.

    Get FULLY COMPREHENSIVE cover. If it's too expensive then that should tell you all you need to know. They're pretty good at assessing risks... probably better than you are.
  9. Go nuts I say.
  10. Go for it! I did. :grin:
  11. go a single or twin engine'd bike, i'd say. the inline 4 supersports seem to produce power spiraling out to infinite as you rev them out. not good for an inexperienced rider.

    check out bikes like the gs500, sv650, er6n, bmw f800. while they're not "safe", they're a bit more forgiving than a 600 super sport. Plus, they probably going to be a hell of a lot more comfortable, and will go just as fast for anyone but the most experienced rider.

  12. Personally I have a complete disregard for road laws, and other people's lives/property, however I started off with a 250, even though I have the 750 there, and I'm glad I did.
    My dad rode for 15 years, then had a 15 year break, and is now getting back into them.
    And all I can say is, he's crap. Poor control, poor judgement, poor lane position, etc.
    So for the last 3 months he's been taking the CB out for a run whenever I'm around, and is getting to the point where he's starting to get comfortable on the 750.

    My opinion: Go a cheap 250.
  13. Wow you pulled that figure out of your ass quite well. :roll:
  14. Yeah but if you get it and ride it like a grandpa you should be ok. If you ride it like a fool your chances of coming off are a hell of a lot higher.
  15. twin engine'd bike? Like this?

  16. The CBR600RR would be a great bike for a level headed learner. No bottom end power. The claimed :LOL: 120 hp only occurs at stratospheric rpm levels that you never really get to on the road anyway. It has perhaps the sweetest road handling I have ever felt from any road bike. It does exactly what you tell it too. You would have to be a hamfisted idiot to get a tankslapper or highside out of one of these. Braking could be an issue as they are great for an experienced rider (Not too much bite, but great power and FEEEELL). This is in relation to a 2005 CBR600, as I think they have shaved a few grams off the new one, and added 2 hp...
  17. We all know 73% of statistics are made up on the spot.
    And that 99.9999% of them are useless.
    Also latest research has shown 69% of statistics hide a sexual innuendo.
    And we all know that 70% of the population can't count, I'm glad i'm in the other 40%.
  18. You firstly must ask yourself why exactly you want a CBR600R when you havent ridden one, obviously its purely for looks, The CBR is a fanastic bike but I cant for the life of me fathom why anyone would buy any bike purely on looks, unless of course you plan to just sit back and look at the thing, but if you actually intend to ride it then you need to test ride it and see if you like it, fit it, etc then you might even do the smart thing and test ride some other bikes and finally you will be able to make an informed & sensible choice.
    As for the CBR600R whilst it is a fanastic bike the modern supersports bike does require a certain level of skill to ride and you may be better doing a couple of years on a bike that is easier to ride and getting your skills up before going for a high reving power machine

  19. Yeah I did. Absolute ass pluck.

    But strangely enough go look in the "bikes for sale" on this very forum and then tell me how many have genuine paint and fairing and no scratches......

    Remember, I worked in trade for a few years. I can probably think of one newbie rider in that time who didnt end up coming back to the shop with damage at some point. And she rarely rode, and then only in fine weather.

    Of course, some we never saw again so maybe there are a few more out there.
  20. ... or this


    T. C. Christensen's famous dual-engined HogSlayer

    or why not go the whole hog (groan) and try this


    Russ Collins' awesome Honda TRIPLE drag bike, for many years the fastest thing over a quarter mile on two wheels....