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advice super sports tall rider commuting

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by WeeBubba, Jun 8, 2011.

  1. hi all, was looking for some advice on a couple of points

    i'm thinking about going halves with a mate on a second hand bike. he is keen to get a super sports bike like a GSXR 750, a GSXR 1000, or a R1.

    we are looking at spending no more than $7K.

    first of all, i was wondering if any of the particular older models year ranges were better suited and more comfortable ergonomics for taller riders (6 FT 2)?

    the plan is for me to use it as a commuter monday to friday and he gets it at the weekend. i will then buy a second bike (a newer 'pride and joy' bike) for my weekends.

    i figured this might be a good idea as i get to ride an old bike to work and back every day where i'm not so worried about it getting pranged in the car park etc. i then can keep the kilometers low on my weekend bike and generally keep it in good nick.

    i'm trying to work out whether economically it is better for me to go halves on this kind of bike (he knows about bike mechanics so would mean savings on most of the servicing jobs) or whether would be better for commuting to get a smaller runaround just for myself. any advice on that would also be welcome, as not having owned a super sports before i'm unsure of how much grief its gonna give my wallet. :)
  2. The R1 is pretty comfortable for me at 6'2"

    But personally with the cost of tyres and such I would be looking at buying a commuter, maybe an old ZZR or VTR (or a scooter if you can take the heckles). I have the DR for that purpose and find it works better.
  3. ill check out the ZZR and VTR. but i draw the line before the scooter. economy IS a factor but not THAT much :)

    also i wanted something that was a bit of fun to ride to work and back. i know its only commuting but it livens up the day. and sometimes i work late so the roads are empty coming home.
  4. i might stay away from going half half with a mate... unless you've got a back up plan. could you get to work without it if he binned it? would this be his only bike? insurance in whos name?
  5. I don't want to rain on your parade, and if this is the only way you can get a bike, then i guess it's worth a try.
    But honestly, this arrangement is loaded with pitfalls.
    I hope you have considered it carefully.

    The suzuki's are known for their comfort levels and still go very very hard if you hit the loud button, yet still comfy for suburban riding.
  6. Personally I find the DR to be funner in traffic than the R1, you are more upright so you can see better and you have wider bars and it is just easier to flick around. You also can be a lot faster through traffic as you arent as worried about dropping it or sideswiping a car when splitting as I think a car would come off worse against the DR.

    A little 250 would also be fun. R1 is better for open roads, which kill the DR.
  7. Im a little bias at 6'6 but the only sports bike i didnt look ridiculous on, or felt uncomfortable on were the zx14, zzr1200, etc type bikes. Of course that didn't stop me from buying a z1000 and looking like a clown on it.
  8. Im 6ft4" @ 110kgs and I own a 2002 GSXR1000 and find it very comfortable.
    When I first got it I found it a bit cramped but after a couple of weeks of riding it I found myself coming to terms with it, and I have to say for a sports bike it would have to be one of the, if not the, most comfortable sports bike around. All I did was get the suspension sorted for my weight and it has been the perfect bike ever since.
  9. I wouldn't go halves, if something happens to the bike u start blaming each other and lose a friendship over it, not worth it
  10. I hope your listening to the wise people on this one mate.
    If you value your friendship with your mate. DON'T go halvsies in a bike.
  11. Check out cbr 954. Can be had for 5-6k easily, 2002-3

    I got over commuting in traffic on a superbike so ended up getting a 125 for daily, I keep the big bike for weekends.
  12. I commute with my Daytona, and at 6'1 or so I'm relatively comfortable unless I have a heavy backpack to take with me.
  13. yeah, i can see how things could quickly turn sour. will have to think this one through carefully. i can see where you're all coming from, but the thought of halving the service costs etc. is a big tempter. i reckon if i WAS gonna do it we'd have to get everything written down and signed up front to cover all the eventualities.

    another thing i got to work out is whether the missus will be up for goin pillion for nights out. if so one of the bikes gonna have to take her onboard too. was even lookin at cruisers last night on bikesales.com! aha. love the look of the fat boy lo harley and the triumph thunderbird. though theyre outta my price range! somehow i need to get her pillion with someone else first with borrowed gear. last thing i want to do is buy her all the gear and let it influence my purchase only to have her pillion once and swear never to do it again. more than likely scenario with my riding! :) so many things to think about (in a good way) at the moment.

    wil check this out thanks for the up
  14. Halves won't work. Unless your mate works FIFO it will end in tears.
  15. Signed papers mean shit when you both want to ride it to the same place. You don't share your gf with your mate? Bike is the same thing.
  16. VTR has enough punch for commuting in traffic, as well as being lightweight and great for fitting through gaps. Commuting every day (and not conservative riding either, like you said, it livens up the day) I still get <5L/100Km. As for the seating position, I'm 5'11" and liked the position better when I lowered the bars a bit, so for a few inches more you default should be okay. It has 1 long seat rather than 2 separate ones, so you can just slide back more if you need a bit more room anyway. I tend to do that whenever I go on the motorway because it gives me a lower profile without having to hunch my back so much.
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    I was fortunate in that I bought a bike with my flatmate and now he's lost interest so it's basically mine now.