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Advice sought - Selling first bike...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by eve, Jan 7, 2009.

  1. I'm selling my bike - and wrote up a cracker of an add for the internet site I'm selling it on

    I'm all prepared and ready to go (so i thought)

    The phone buzzes… buzzes… I look down - an unfamiliar number

    Couldn’t be for the bike - I only posted it today…

    The message is from a guy to call him back about the bike!

    I have NO IDEA what to say or what to do…

    Is there anything I shouldn’t say and/or do ?

    I know from reading here I should get deposit before allowing to ride (should I even give him my address if I live alone??)

  2. Meet him somewhere public where he can have a look at it.

    Take a friend as well, if you aren't completely comfortable.

    I'd get payment in full before test-riding.

    If he breaks it, he's bought it.
    If he returns it in pristine condition and doesn't want to buy it, he gets his money back.

    Ring him, say Hi, say yes you're selling it so you can upgrade it or whatever. When would he like to have a look at it?
    Is he ready to buy?
    If he's not ready to buy, don't bother meeting him.
  3. I'll give you my address if you live alone!

    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  4. I would go with what Ktulu has already said.

    Just be prepared to move a little on price. Hopefully you advertised for more then what you are expecting to get, so when you move on price you don't end up short for your new buy.

    Don't feel bad if he says no.

    As for what to say, jsut talk about the positives of the bike, just try not to be a saleswoman.

    Take the paperwork with you incase he wants to same day. Also just incase have a friend lined up to take you home. Or if you have a trailer take the bike there on it.

    Most of all try to relax

    If your worried about your safety becasue of living alone, then A friends place is good idea.
  5. Meet in an open public place. If bring a friend. heck, bring 2.
    Do not let them know where you live!!!!

    Take their drivers license, but bear in mind that it could be stolen.
    Be prepared for tyre kickers.
    Take a deposit. for a test ride.

    Be aware that people are as weary of you ripping them off as they are of you ripping them off.
  6. If theres issues with the bike wear a low lew cut top to distract them.
    Hell just where a low low cut top anyway.
  7. Just be honest and straightforward. Forget that low cut top shit. That was just the teenagers talking.
  8. Forgive me oh so wise elder :p
  9. Get a guy to do it for you :wink:
  10. Best post of the year 09

    I'll bet when you read it back it didn't read like that at all. :grin:
  11. Here's what not to say (unless it's true): " The bike has never been dropped".

    I went to look at a bike for a learner mate of mine and the first thing I noticed were the scrapes on the exhaust, bar ends etc.. and then when I rode it the right bar was bent up and back enough to feel like the bike should be going around a corner when pointed straight. Needless to say that guy can keep the bike and hopefully bad karma will ensue.

    Honesty. It will help you sell the bike much more easily than being a sly fcuker.
  12. People appreciate honesty and can usually tell if you full of it.

    Payment in full for a test ride is a but stupid bit a deposit for sure, 1/4 the price at least, hold their licence while they take the bike (copy their details down too). (I would tell 90% of people to get stuffed if they wanted full cash deposit for a test ride and find a bike elsewhere, im sure i cant be alone on that)
  13. I ask for license and the keys from the vehicle they arrived in. Then make them aware of the 'break it bought it policy. I would never buy a bike without a test ride, and im not handing any money to a person I dont know either.
  14. Taking their license as a deposit has always confused me... what do they do if they get pulled over for whatever reason?
  15. Might be different in other states, but in WA you only need to carry your license if you're a P plater. Otherwise just make sure you know how to spell your name (or remember your license number) and be prepared to drop into a police station later if they ask you to.
  16. As many people have said, take the licence, BUT also ask him to prove some random details on the licence by asking him DOB etc... And yeah, take a friend and have them follow him around the block.

    Tho, when I was buying and test riding, I was never asked for a deposit, I looked at one, said "thanks, I've got more to look at", did so, and then came back to the first guy and said, "OK I like this one so far, can I try it around the block", I had my father and a friend at the sellers place all just hanging around, they weren't just sitting in the car waiting to take off.

    So I'd suggest getting to any place of meeting before they do, setup where you can see (and possibly block an exit if its in a car park) and watch where they turn up, who with, etc.

    You could even have a friend take a photo of them and the bike (pre-helmet) for any insurance concerns.
  17. we got a politician on NR?

    reminded me of this gem quote:

    john mccain:

    "Obama's supporters have been saying some pretty nasty things about western Pennsylvania lately. And you know, I couldn't agree with them more. I couldn't disagree with you. I couldn't agree with you more than the fact that western Pennsylvania is..."



    OT, as a buyer i would NOT be comfortable giving somebody i just met a whole wad of cash.

    have always been offered and/or refused test rides myself.
  18. Thanks everyone...

    I made the call back and he just asked what’s wrong with it.
    I said some minor cosmetic scratches but goes like a charm..

    He rang back at 6pm and asked if he could see it (now the real panic set in...) - mind you the add was only live for 5 hours... i didnt expect a call for months!

    So we met at a Maccas (Classy)
    I parked next to a curb - my brother drove his car and parked it on the other side (nicely blocked in)...

    He rocked up with no helmet or gear (if your reading this... maybe you should consider getting a helmet) - so i got him to squeeze into my small helmet - last thing i wanted was an injured learner..

    I took his learners licence, credit card and full licence and even though he brought a friend the friend stayed with us and the car keys with the rider.

    He rode it around for a bit.

    Asked if it had been dropped… I said that I have not dropped it – but the previous owner must have although not riding (only scratches on the fairing)

    So now he wants to get his rider mates to take it for a ride..

    It’s a bit of a business selling bikes… Not sure I want another rider thrashing it… poor baby.
  19. It's a bit after the fact now. But you can judge how serious somebody is by asking why they want that exact model (what you're selling), why they're looking at your bike in particular etc etc. Using those answers you should be able to spot a tyre kicker. Basically make them explain to you why they want your bike.

    Settle on a price and dates etc, then a test ride as the final sign-off point - maybe even with a deposit down. I would have suggested that they only need one test ride, you're right you don't need a heap of people taking your bike for a ride when the deal isn't done.
  20. yay. only took 9 days to get that.
    and i meant every word I said :p