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Featured advice sought replacing baffles on 99 R6

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by thegutterpoet, May 22, 2015.

  1. I am trying to improve my recently recovered from theft 99' r6. The swine took out the baffles, and the beast runs rancid and sounds awful. A mate from work suggested I remove the exhaust, drill out the rivets, fill the fcuker with iron wool, re-rivet, and probably something should be improved?

    Is this the case?

    Can this be done quite simply?

    any help is appreciated!

    send word, please!
  2. iron wool is not good solution

    get baffles from someone that took theirs out = fixed?
  3. I don't know anything about baffles but I love the profile name - Hunter Thompson rocks! Are you a Bukowski fan as well?

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  4. Wrecker. There would be plenty of unserviceable pipes with baffles that you could get.
  5. Steel Wool is actually quite flammable in my experiences of repacking mufflers the night before a roadworthy, nothing like having flaming hot shards shoot out the back of your exhaust when you go to rev it...fiberglass roof insulation lasts marginally longer though :p

    Most decent motorcycle stores should have the proper packing material which lasts longer and won't erupt into flames at the first set of traffic lights.
    Alternativly as pointed out, take it as an opportunity to upgrade the exhaust and get it tuned.
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  6. If it's a stock muffler, the baffle will not be removable full stop .

    The packing material glass wool in muffler does not act like a baffle hope you realise !
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  7. Also if your bike is running rancid I'll almost guarantee you its not the baffle causing it !
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