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advice sought R1 clutch has burnt out twice. mystery problem

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by yama_nut, Oct 12, 2008.

  1. gday, was hoping someone could help me out. i

    2004 r1, after 8000K the first clutch went, started slipping at high revs then was blown in short order, took it to stafford yamaha bell st, they said that when they pulled it apart the mechanism had black gunk in it and that theyd never seen a newer r1 burn out a clutch. They replaced it, now 10000K later its gone again - but im pretty sure that for a long time, at least 5000K, its been slipping right at the top of the rpm, it never seems to pull properly when i really give it to it, its seemed underpowered and i think its the clutch slipping at high gear - also when i was practicing fast starts it would cook within 3 starts and start to slip and then be back to normal the next day - but it would never make full power regardless

    went to PI on friday and within 5 laps it was f&@%*, im very frustrated cause ive never heard of this happening to a late model bike within such a short amount of kilometres, anyway i always have left some play for the cable and have it adjusted as best as i can, i dont ride the clutch and i dont thrash it too much or ride around in first gear everywhere i go.

    any ideas would be appreciated/ or if anyone knows a good mechanic who really knows their shit and doesnt charge an arm and a leg? i dont want to go to yamaha and have the clutch replaced if theres some internal problem with the bike and its just gonna happen again in another 10000K.

    anyway cheers if anyone can help me out

  2. Take it back to Staffords.
  3. Have you got freeplay in the clutch cable?

    Do you practise race starts?

    What oil do you use?

    Dump the original clutch and get a Barnett coil spring clutch.
  4. yep got free play

    only done a few race starts, pretty much it cooked it the first time so i stopped - this was when the second clutch was only about 5000K old as well..

    dunno what oil, always had it serviced at yamaha though so whatever they used

    definately getting a new clutch, was just worried that there might be a problem somewhere else in the bike that could stuff the clutch over time and i wouldnt know it and would have to buy a new one in another 10000K.. was going to take it to dynobike but dunno if they are good for repairs or just tuning?