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Advice / Recommendations CBR250 MC17

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' at netrider.net.au started by Jym, Feb 14, 2012.

  1. Hey everyone,

    Some of you may recall not too long ago I was riding a CBR250R 88 model.

    Its dead. Could be simple plugs, could be something more.

    It overheats when running, replaced the cooling system but didn't fix the problem. Idles really high once it's warmed up.

    Choke doesn't seem to do anything.

    One day it wouldn't start, and so I was roll starting it, then after it progressively took longer and longer to roll start, it just wouldn't anymore.

    Anyway, it's been sitting in in storage shed with my intention to eventually fix. I believe I'm going to either need to replace the whole motor (on mechanics recommendation) or pull everything apart, find each problem and fix it or get Reco parts for it.

    It was either gonna go to my missus, or I was gonna try to put a turbo on it for a fun track bike (not serious competition) however its just sitting there, wasting away, I don't have the time, money or knowledge to sort it out at this stage.

    I just wonder if I should keep it for longer and let it sit until I have the means to fix it, or I I should sell it to someone who wants a project. But is it even worth the steel that it's built on?

    Some advice would be greatly appreciated.

    EDIT: I actually think its an MC19

  2. Not worth much if it doesn't run!!!!
    Might as well keep it as your own project.
    Give ya $200!!
  3. gummed up carbs will have it running like shit, plus because it's leaning out it runs hot.
    fix carbs and overheat will fix itself
  4. I considered just getting Reco carbs and then I'd at least be able to hope that they'd be fine.
    Sadly with all the scanning I've been doing I can't seem to find a price.
    I wonder if anyone had an idea of cost vs ripping mine out and getting them done professionally. Or just taking the whole bike into a mechanic and telling them what I want.

    I'm at a total mental loss at to what to do.
  5. A guy on the CBR forum sells screw & 'O' ring kits.
    Download the manual & do them yourself!!
    I've done quad carbs for people before. Not hard, just time consuming.
    Carby place will charge around $400!
  6. Brilliant idea!
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