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advice re: seat (and a bit of a rant)

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by josh909, Jul 21, 2005.

  1. some people are just right f%&kers...

    last night having had a few too many beverages i decide to do the right thing (not ride) and leave my bike parked on the street.

    lo and behold i go downstairs this morning to leave for work and some prick has either flicked or placed a lit cigarette on the seat - i now have a burn mark approx 4cm long :evil:

    so, apart from wanting to have a bit of a rant about how inconsiderate some people are, what i want to know is does anyone have any recommendations as to how to fix it (apart from the traditional gaffa tape over the top)?

    cheers guys.
  2. You are going to have to have it recovered to really fix the problem, otherwise a patch will do.

    FYI, and I know it sounds stupid, but I remember being told that a hole in a seat is a road worthy item, I've never even heard of someone getting done for it but the Vicroads folks might have an issue registering the bike if they did an inspection.
  3. Patching it with vinyl would prolly work fine, recovering is an option, but I reckon your best bet would be to ring up the wreckers and see who's got a spare seat to sell...
  4. that's what i'm thinking... anyone got the URL of that site where you can request a part?
  5. Yeah,


  6. Yes, I'd check the prices of both recover versus second hand.
    Last time, I went with the recover because the seat was very new. :)
  7. any recommendations as to where i would go for a recover (in sydney)?
  8. Sorry, can't help on that one.
  9. Look up vinyl repairs in the yellow pages. OR ring some wreckers or retailers for info. Check the price with them and for a replacement.

    I had a local canvas bloke recover the entire seat fairly cheap. Another option to consider. They used imitation leather look stuff.


    Edit. Depending on where you live, a re-upholsterer might help as well.
  10. I took my seat to a car trimmer who had repaired motorcycle seats in the past.
  11. Ahh newtown. Where I had some fcuker rip off my right mirror. Snapped it off, totally useless to them.
  12. I had a bike pushed OVER simply because it was parked on a foot path... LEAGELY too... I made the knob pay for the damage after I threaten him that I will take his arse to cort... He was very unhappy when I showed him proof that a. he did it b. it was parked leagely (I had a liflet on me explaining motorcycle parking in melbourne)...
  13. :LOL: nice one.

    what proof did you have? :?:
  14. lol I was at a party and just so it happens my brother was playing with the video camera... lol and in the background you can so clearly see the guy walk, than stop at the bike... look at it for about 30seconds and just push... his reason?? It should not have been parked on the footpath!!
  15. One night I was at a harness racing meet. I had lost most of the ready stuff, so I was haeded home. I was in my car in the car park when some idiots came along ripping off car arials. As they got to mine I said oi. They shit. A mate of theirs came along and they jumped in and tok off. I wrote down the car number and make.

    After a while people came to their cars and saw the damage. I got out and the bloke whose car was next to me arrived. He was a rather big bloke. I told him what happened, and the others nearby. I gave the big bloke the details. He pulls out his wallet. He is a senior sarg of the detectives in the area. He thanks me and says leave it to him. He gives his details to all the others.

    A few months later I am there again and one of the people who recognised me said the big bloke went stright to the radio, got the local fuz to grab the clowns. He said after they got over their medical bills, they paid for all the damage. He said they didn't press charges.

    I thought is was real good justice and more needs to be dispenced for those ratbags.

  16. Reminds me of that scene in Pulp Fiction where Travolta's character is talking to the drug dealer about how he'd love to be there and let the guy key his car just so he could catch him and take revenge - I can really understand what he means, I feel that way too.
  17. I just don't dig on swine, baby. 8)
  18. In my experience, car upholstery people are more than happy to redo bike seats and do a very good job. Sounds like a trip to Yellow Pages is in order, josh.
  19. Back when I was working behind the bar of a fairly rough pub (the Monash used to be a classic 6pm "have a slab at knock-off" joint) I closed up one night and turned around to see my EH wagon idling across the carpark. I raced over to find two blokes - both pissed - trying to steal the car. I jumped onto the bonnet and shouted at them to stop - and the two biggest Islander rugby players I've ever seen climbed out.

    I knew these blokes pretty well - they used to drink after the game on Sundays - and one burst into tears and said they didn't know it was my car, they had no way of getting home and their mum would kill them and their mates would all laugh at them...and so on.

    It was all I could do not to laugh (partly because it was funny, but mostly because laughing may not have been a winning strategy - I'm not a big bloke) so I drove them home.

    Next Sunday they turned up at the pub with their mum (these blokes were in their late 20s) and she made them apologise, pay for the damage (door lock and ignition switch) and the petrol and then she publicly announced to the crowded bar what they'd done. Then she told me to bar them from the pub, and not to let them back until she gave permission.

    About six months later, they turned up - with a note from their mum.

    Now I reckon that hurt a whole lot more than dealing with the coppers.
  20. About 3 years back i got the seat recovered on my old dirt bike at the local motor trimmers, only cost 80 bucks. i reckon thats cheaper than a new seat from a wreckers, and looks a whole lot better than a patch/repair on the seat.