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Advice? [qld]

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Gordonov, Jan 6, 2010.

  1. Hey ladies and gents,

    I had the misfortune of crashing my '04 Buell this afternoon...I was behind a white van travelling along the road, the van came to an almost-halt without indicating...because we were right on an intersection I stupidly thought that he was turning right into the next street, little did I know he planned on turning left into a driveway just as passed...long story short my pride and joy became unceremoniously wedged between his van's undercarriage and the driveway.

    I know it was dumb and completely avoidable, but that's how it was so no point doing anything about it but learning from it and moving on...fortunately I have full comp, but what sort of premium increase would I expect to see from this? How should I word the description of the accident to the insurance company?

    I'm reasonably sure the other guy won't be making a claim as there was almost no damage to his van, it was beat-up and he said he probably wouldn't bother.

    Thanks for the help
  2. Not sure of the QLD law but here in Vic if you hit someone from behind fault is generally assigned to you. Re wording of the insurance claim I would stress the lack of indication and sudden stop aspect of the other party but I think you are screwed.

    Re Premium, How long is a piece of string. Is your insurance Agreed Value or Market value, how many years of no claim have you had, what's your age etc etc. All these play a factor in your premium next time.
  3. I word your description to the insurer the same as you have done here. Basically if you hit someone in the rear, then your 9/10 at fault, and this is one of those times.

    There is also no point in trying to get clever in the wording to make it look like less of your fault. The premium adjustments would not be based on how much at fault you are, moreso claims history.

    Glad you have full comp and are able to get your pride and joy back on the road sooner rather than later.

    Hopefully your injury free aswell.
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  5. Hope you're ok. I think your insurance company is the only one that can give you definitive answers on this, sorry.