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advice pls

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by tucdam, May 31, 2011.

  1. hi folks

    recently joined and a recently got my bike licence and absolutley having a ball. Commuting to work in Canberra everyday on a little Honda CBF 250 at the moment and whilst my upgrade might be a little while away as keen to get my skills up, I am giving some thought to my next bike. I have done various searches and looking at the following options. I will be commuting as well as weekend riding. I am about 185 cms and 93 kg. I will be heading out for a few test rides but also keen to get the views / experience through this forum i.e. any that I should stay away from or others I should consider in this category etc. Thanks muchly in advance.

    Honda vt 750s - LAMS
    Triumph Bonneville
    Yamaha w800
    Moto Guzzi v7 classic - LAMS
    Honda Cb 1100 - a few years down the track! :)

    thanks again folks
  2. love all of those :D except the moto guzzi.

    bonnevile, cb1100 and yammy w800 are the three i'd be choosing. when can you upgrade?


    also looked at the triumph thruxton?
  3. thanks for the response. any particular issues on the v7? had a look at the thruxton and tend to prefer the look of the bonneville. the honda 750?

    still retricted to LAMS for the next 12 months or so - option is to pass on the cbf 250 to the wife and buy a LAMS now, or wait till no longer restricted and get whatever best suits. kinda keen to get the missus on the bike more so probably looking at LAMS once skills a bit better.
  4. I would get the Guzzi out of those, but like me, you are probably too tall for it. I just love the look though, which is important for the style of bike you are looking at.

    VT's are good value, especially second hand if you don't have much cash that would be a good reliable bike. My friend has a scrambler which he loves so maybe the bonnie would be ok too but a lot dearer.
  5. Your username is missing an 'n'...
  6. Lol well spotted...

    Years ago when personalized plates first appeared, while out driving I saw in my rear vision mirror a plate that read non mirrored as something like tnucwu...

    Couldn't believe they had managed to get away with that plate..
  7. i can assure you, i couldn't be further from it, but made me laugh :)
  8. You're a monk?