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*Advice Please!* Vio POV1

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by VFR750 IRYDE, Dec 16, 2008.

  1. Hello all,

    I'm *this* close to buying a Vio POV1, but before I do I'd just like someone who owns / uses one to give me their impressions.

    I will be using it to record rides and cut together into 'road reviews'. I don't expect the quality to equal the high end Sony HDV stuff that I'm used to, I just want it to record the color, scenery etc with enough quality and resolution to be acceptable on DVD and Web delivered content.

    Oh, and it MUST be easy to use. I don't want to stuff up a perfectly good days riding mucking around with badly designed gear.

    (This is all working towards *one day* tentatively producing a 'bike' oriented tv / webcast for public consumption)

    Any thoughts? Can anyone point me to some video's that were made using the Vio POV1?

  2. Thanks Vic.

    I've been all over the Launch website as well as HelmetCameraCentral and others. The reason for my hesitation is that everyone who sells them says they are the ducks guts, but I've come across a few negative reviews from people who have bought them.

    Thanks anyway. :)
  3. Well I've ordered one.

    I'll play around with it for a few weeks and then post a vid and a review when I can.
  4. Slow Coach (Cam) bought one at the expo.

    I was actually given one to review but due to my work load was unable to get out and test it.

    Seems like a good unit but I certainly could not justify spending $1100 on a cam.
  5. Fark! $1100.....

    What makes these cameras better than a HD (to SD card) camera from Canon or Panasonic (that now seem to be under $1000)?
  6. Not much other than the metal housing for the recorder. The lens is just a bullet lens that mounts inside a metal housing.

    Some digital cameras now days offer a video in option which you can then add a lipstick cam from the likes of Jaycar and you are away and less than 1.1K
  7. I looked into as many options as possible and there are three main reasons I decided to order this one.

    1. No Digital - Analogue - Digital conversion. Your lipstick cam may be digi (CCD) and the Camcorder you are plugging it into may be digi, but that av cable you use to connect the two? Not digi, just good old analogue interlaced video. Not cool.

    2. Solid state. No skipping or breaking up over bumps. Camcorders will turn to crap over nasty bumps due to the write heads shaking, and Hard Drive recorders will skip / scratch. Solid state means no breakups.

    3. Simple. I'm a simple man, and I like my technology simple. No need to run external power for my camera vs my recorder. No battery packs etc. Just set it up with decent rechargables and an 8gb card and record for six hours straight. (at the highest quality, which happens also to be better than most (maybe all) lipstick cam / camcorder setups.)

    Will it be worth the extra money...?

    Dunno. I'll tell you in a week or so! :LOL:

    (It'd freakin well BETTER be worth the extra money!!!)
  8. easy answer : cmos chip vs a ccd

    whatever you do, DON'T get a cmos chip camera for motion related video work.
    the footage will make you sick.

    hmm from what you've described a digital signal is getting sent across a cable, interlacing has nothing to do with digital or analogue. if thats true then you won't have a problem. perhaps I'm not understanding what you mean
  9. look up Vholdr, the footage I've seen is pretty good, the sounds crap and is very easy to use