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Advice please, all bike gear

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Minority153, Mar 29, 2015.

  1. Hey guys,

    So I'm going for my learner's on Tuesday, yay!

    But tomorrow I will be buying my bike, end of month special, yada yada yada...

    And I was wondering if I should buy my bike gear with the bike in one heap (hopefully for a better discount) before the learner's course? Or if I should wait until after?

    What do you guys think? Any advice would be really appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  2. buy it when you get the bike, so you can hop straight on it when you get that bit of plastic!!!! :D
  3. It's really up to you. I don't ride without the gear (Atgatt) so I'd be getting it for your learners test in case they don't have sizes to fit you.
    Also, you know who's worn it before you if it's yours.
  4. You'll at least be getting a helmet brand new before you start riding so you may aswell get it at a discounted price while you have the opportunity. And if you plan on purchasing other gear brand new I don't see why you wouldn't try save a few $$ if you've already got the money put away
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  5. If you're buying the bike before the L's then grab whatever gear you can get when you pick up the bike.

    At the L's they generally give you the lovely Hi Viz vest and some white gloves. They do have helmets on offer, along with hair nets.

    I'd suggest trying to go in your own gear if you can so you can get used to wearing it on a bike, and wear it in so to speak. At minimum i'd grab a helmet ..

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  6. Cool, thanks for the advice everyone. :)
  7. Minority153Minority153 I went to my learners course with my own helmet, kevlars and boots but I didn't have a jacket and they didn't have one that fit me. I dumped the bike on my first emergency stop and you wouldn't believe where I landed. Elbow and shoulder. Lucky I still bounce to some extent even at my age.
  8. I've only ever come to grief at low speed, and every time my foot has taken a hit. I'm also given to understand ankles don't heal well so to me boots are of critical importance.
  9. L's testing where I took mine, they gave out Cotton gloves, if you did not have your own.
  10. Mate there is a saying that you put a two dollar helmet on a two dollar head. So if you're looking at any safety gear don't skimp on it if you can help it, and buy reputable brands from a reputable dealer
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  11. Forgot to say good luck! Keep us posted :)
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  12. HJC Have a helmet RRP $150 at or near the top of all tested helmets above helmets wit 4-5x the price tag.


    A $2 helmet that fits well will protect better than an ill fitting expensive helmet. Provided it meets relevant standards.

    There is also more to a helmet than crash protection comfort goes hand in hand with fatigue, and fatigue is a major contributor to crashes

    I also have a $300 jacket that is superior to a $600 jacket with a very trendy brand name.
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  13. Hey Minority153
    Have a quick look around the websites beforehand to get an idea of price, e.g http://www.bikebiz.com.au/ , https://www.thehelmetwarehouse.com.au/ , so that you know if you are getting a good deal or not, go for reputable brands, and remember you are going to be wearing the kit for many years (hopefully!) so maybe a small amount extra for the one you like is worth it in the long run, and good luck ;)
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  14. iClint I agree HJC are a good reputable brand and no doubt your jacket is too. What I am saying is helmets have to comply with certain standards ie ADR, DOT etc. These cannot be guaranteed if buying from Honest Johns Bike Bits on the Internet. Who knows, the helmet could be second hand or even an imitation and the last thing anyone needs is dodgy quality in any safety gear hence why I said buy reputable gear from a reputable dealer
  15. Some good answers here. I'll tell you what I did.

    I gave the test on loan stuff (from the Test Place) - cotton gloves and helmet.

    After getting the permit, walked into the bike shop and picked up everything from there - Helmet, Gloves, Kevlar Jeans, Boots and Jacket. And because I was getting the bike from there as well, got a massive discount (a few hundred bucks) on the grand total of the gear.

    I would advise wearing the boots and gloves for a few hours at home (Walk around, jog, run, do push ups) before starting to ride. It will 'break in' the gear and make it comfortable when you're on the bike.

    Wear the helmet at home as well and practise locking/unlocking it etc. Makes it easier on day 1.

    If you're planning to ride often then also get winter wear (a la thermal balaclava, neck warmer, inner gloves, long johns, thermal socks etc). Riding is even more fun when you're all rugged up. If you need more info re: thermal stuff, let me know. I spent hours and hours locating the right (read good) stuff.

    Have Fun!

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  16. My girlfriend and I are looking for gear at the moment. We're basically going to get our L's in a week's time and after that we have a couple of test rides to do. I don't know whether to buy online or just get gear from the dealer.
  17. on line is fine if you know what a particular brand fits like, otherwise for your first time you'd be better off in store somewhere trying it on and haggling them down
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  18. Hey @Minority153, apologies, hope you don't mind me jumping in on your thread but I'm about to purchase all my gear also having only just passed my L's a few weeks ago.

    My question is are some brands definitely better than others? For me safety is more important than the potential cost, so happy to pay extra where justified.

    I need to buy all gear so thinking something like:

    Helmet - Shoei, Arai (Others depending upon fit)
    Jacket - Alpinestars, Dainese
    Gloves - Alpinestars
    Boots - Alpinestars
    Jeans - ???

    Also with respect to Jacket, is there are particular type I should be looking at? I see that some are designed for all seasons, I've heard that all leather can be too hot, textile, etc.?

    Any help on what are the quality brands to look out for that would be appreciated.

  19. schmick23schmick23 a $500 jacket is not twice as good as a $250 jacket.
    A name brand 'quality ' helmet is useless if it doesn't fit correctly or is uncomfortable.

    Having said that, get the best gear you can afford as long as you're getting the extra features that you want that come with the name and added cost.
    For instance, if you want a pair of waterproof trousers you could spend $800 on a fancy set of gore-pro trousers that absolutely won't leak.
    Or you could buy a decent set of leather trousers and a $20 set of plastic over pants for $400.

    Fit is paramount for every piece of kit. Focus on features next and 'quality' last.
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  20. Hey Womble,

    Thanks for the reply. I understand the fit being most important, I guess where I fail being a newbie to the pleasure of motorcycling is what 'features' one should look for in each item of protective gear.

    Take for instance jackets alone, there are so many different materials, layers, styles, etc. that I have no idea where to start or what type of jacket is suitable for Australian riding.

    I guess these are all questions for the sales person but any pointers appreciated.
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