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Advice on ZZR/GPX prices.

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by cameron, Nov 5, 2006.

  1. Im off to do my Ls late this month, and plan to buy a bike as soon as i can once i have my license.

    im looking to buy a 2000 onwards model of either bike, with anywhere between 10-20,000 k's on the clock. Good mechanical condition is essential. I do not want the hassles of a bike that wont start/has other problems.

    what is a fair and relastic price?

    also, if i was to buy at a dealer, how much more should i expect to pay?

    i have a budget of 5k. i do not intend (and cant afford) to go over this budget.

    thanks guys.

  2. You should be well under $5k, given they're only $6k new. I'd be looking around $4k for one in good condition, or maybe $3.5k for one with some scratches from a small drop.

    With less than 20,000kms, they should be in fine mechanical order. Just make sure they've been serviced regularly and there will be no issues. The ZZR/GPX is bulletproof if it's given regular oil changes.
  3. thanks for the replies fellas.

    any opinions on the zzr though? also, how much more should i expect to pay at a dealership? (given that i have warranty on the bike...)
  4. yes service history is very important factor but do not forget to check consumables:
    chain and sprockets
    brake pads

    this makes a big difference on the value as tyres, chain and sprockets can easily add up to over $500 and thats doing some things yourself.

    edit: cameron as for dealer prices they will charge more as they "prepare" the bike for sale as for warranty it is very short so if you are going to buy from a dealer make sure you ride alot after you have bought to report problems

    private: 2000 gpx250 25Kms worth about 3.5K depending on consumables
    dealer: at least dealer will ask 4.5K but supposdly has been checked.
  5. I have the ZZR. Mine is a 2001 model and has done 18000km. Apart from a dodgy battery when i first got it, it has not missed a beat. It was dropped while stationary and has a couple small scratches but it is still in good nick.
    I am however looking forward to upgrading when i am off restrictions.
  6. For a GPX I would not pay any more than 4.2k with less than 20,ks on the clock. I sold mine for 3.6k with 30,ks and it was in excellent condition and had new pads, chain and sprockets, clutch cable, the buyer was wrapped in the bike. At around 25ks you twill find that their maybe a little maintenance in the bike (the above stuff) if none of the other stuff hasnt been done. Good to ask these questions, but you should be able to get a trouble free bike even with 30,ks on the clock and you might find some of those things are done.
  7. I traded my ZZR250 on Friday. At the time of trade it had 200kms on the rear tyre, and 103500 kms on the clock. Good reliable bike, even with that amount of k's on it. Was given $2500 trade.

    Latest bike is a red/black 2001 ZX7R with 15K on the clock. :p
  8. I have for sale a Blue GPX250 with under 9000kms for sale for $4000. I think it's a 2004 (I'd have to check and I can't at the moment as I rode the Bandit 1200 into work).

    Not interested in negotiating on price at this point but if it's still for sale in a month I may move down a little (not much though).

    I bought it for the other half to learn on but we don't need it anymore.

    We bought it second hand about 12months ago and it's only done 1000kms since then. It passed the roadworthy ok back then without needing anything so I'd expect it'd pass now.

    If you are interested then pm me, else I'll put it on the forum here and bikesales/bikepoint for sale shortly.

    I can take some pictures tonight if you want (I have to take some to advertise it anyway).
  9. you live in victoria though :(
  10. I cant find a ZZR newer then 1995 for anything below $4k...

    ZZR 250's 1993 ect early 90's are all going from about $2-$3.7

    dealers.. $4.7 for a 93...

    this is in victoria although the redbook quotes prices at $2100...

    and about $3.7k for a bike made around 2000
  11. Well the GPX / ZZR engines are pretty reliable so maybe it won't matter so much if you get a slightly older bike with a few more kay's on the clock and they all look pretty much the same in regards to styling over the last 15 odd years so buying an older one won't look too dated.
  12. I am interested in your bike. Could you please PM me with the details and pics of your bike.

  13. I am also interested in your bike.

    could you please pm me some details and pics.

  14. I'm not interested in your bike because I already have one, so please don't PM me anything.