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Advice on windscreen for GS500F

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by fangsta, Oct 15, 2009.

  1. I was wondering if anybody can speak from experience about different types of screens (doesn't have to be on a GS500F).

    With the $US at .90cAUS it's a great time to buy from overseas.

    Couple of brands I'm looking are Zero Gravity and Puig.

    What types do you prefer? Touring or double double?

    What tint looks better, smoke, clear, black etc.

    Do they make a huge difference?.

    Thanks for your input.

  2. I've got the zero gravity touring screen. It's about 10cm taller than the stock screen. I quite like the look of it. In all honesty, I'm not sure if it made much difference to wind buffeting, but I am reasonably tall at 189cm.

  3. Screen looks good, it it just taller? or does it have a curved lip?
  4. I think it's just taller. It's been so long since I had the standard screen I can't remember what it looks like!
  5. Dont know much about the various types, but make sure that the top of the screen doesnt interfere with your direct line of vision. Mine did, so I took the screen off and went to a Perspex manufacturer who cut it back for me to a much better height for only $10.
  6. I fitted a powerbronze double-bubble to the H6. Quality looks exceptional, great fit, and that baby-belly seems to direct the wind a little higher.. which helps.
  7. Not an issue on the GS500. The screen would need to be double the height to do that!
  8. Drewbytes, would you have any more pics of your screen?

    I found a website than can deliver it for $105 AU. Bargain!
  9. Not any decent ones mate that would really tell you anything. It is a bargain at that price. Well here's a couple anyway:


  10. That looks really good, I'm sure it would give some extra wind protection to the body. It should also make it easier to duck under the windblast when needed.

    Thanks for the pics, the exhaust pipe looks nice as well.
  11. Fitted my new screen, ebay bargain from US, $105 AU delivered.

    Here are some comparison photos.


  12. Looks really good from the front view. I have a GS500F, so I am very interested in this item. How does it look from side on? From the rear of the bike, it does look really high in comparison to the standard screen... is it too high, looks-wise?
  13. It makes the bike look alot thinner (this is the Sports Tourer screen), the Double bubble might look a bit different.


    Took it for a quick ride (too hot today), only got to 80-90km/h, you still have to duck a little to get some benefit (hopefully I will get more benefit at freeway speeds), but you don't have to lay on the tank like the stock screen.