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Advice on VTR250

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by beneboy, May 23, 2006.

  1. Hi All,

    I've only just registered here but have found some great info. Am doing L's in NSW in July and looking at a VTR250 for private sale this week (such a damn sexy bike for a 250!).

    I've looked at some of the general things to check when buying a bike privately so thanks to everyone who's chipped in there.

    Is there anything in particular that I should look for on a second hand VTR250? Any characteristic faults?


  2. A Staintune exhaust!!

    Apart from that I could not find any characteristic faults specific to the VTR250 in my research before buying mine. Apart from the fact that it is, of course, a 250 :p.
  3. Mine came with a couple of extras - Ventura Rack & Bikini faring - both are very handy :)
  4. The other thing I would look at is how the bike has been ridden and by that I mean most of the people that own them are learning and as such may not treat them the way they should not on purpose but out of lack of knowing. When i got mine the rear brake had been almost worn all the way down ( 6000 kms ) because learners use lots of back brake and dont know much about engine braking and even use of the front brakes. Mine may be up for sale very soon as in the next week or two and I am in manly if your intrested. Hope this helps
  5. Wanna buy mine ? :wink:
    I'm looking at upgrading soon. (i'm in two minds actually - should I keep this as a commuter because it runs on an oily rag and get a weekend cruiser . . . or part off with her ?? :?)

    Its an 04, still has factory warranty till Nov06 and its the sexy Matte-Black color. :cool:

    Back to your question, I was the same, I could not fault the VTR250 as a learners bike. I bought mine second hand, the previous owner was a chic and she must slept with this bike because it was almost new and well looked after. Now with 12K km on the odo the brake pads are still meaty, however I think the chain needs replacing soon.

    Only complaint . . . its screaming at 7000rpm at 100km/h.

    My biggest wrap on it is that it does 350km+ to the tank.

  6. Try 5th gear. ;-)

  7. Thanks

    Gee, you guys are quick to reply and I appreciate the help.

    Yeah, you lot who are considering selling your VTR 250's get me on the email benandezzy@unwired.com.au and we can tee up a look at the bikes.

    Keep the info coming.


  8. beneboy,
    I own a 03 vtr250, I've only had it a few weeks now but so far it's done me great, gota love the vtwin! It was the bike I looked at originally before I bought my Spada, but money at the time made me look else where. When my Spada died I fortunately had enough funds to buy the vtr250. The research I did on it indicated no characteristic faults. In comparison to my spada it is certainly a little bigger, more upright and seems to feel more sticky (to the road). It's not so big though that you can't easily squeeze between the cars to get to the front at intersections :grin:

    In real world riding I've calculated that I'm getting about 29k's to the litre, it's an 11 + 2 litre tank so as Mickyb says, you'll get 350+ per fill! Insurance on the bike is also cheap, as a rating 1 driver I pay ~300 a year (with WQBE), and the rego is only ~350 a year.

    Also I think the bike is a great looking one, and because it's a v-twin it doesn't sound too much like a sewing machine!

    ps. Bogus69... 7k rpm at 100kph is in 5th! Anybody got a spare gear they could donate? :p
  9. email sent let me know if ya got it Paul