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Advice on value and whether to bother

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Mithrel, Jan 18, 2005.

  1. Guys,

    Got a 2003, current model, ZZR250. It's in great nick, only done 10,000ks.
    I've had it almost 6 months now, and i'm looking for something a bit different, not sure what to do.

    I'm thinking that I might sell it privately, and upgrade to another 250 until I get off restrictions and then get a bigger big. Is it worth it? I have about 10 months left on restrictions.

    What do you think i'd get for the bike? Excellent service history yada yada. I've noticed them for about $6,000+, does this sound reasonable?!

    I'd probably look at getting one of the new Kwaka ZX2R's that Peter Steven's gets in new.

    Has anyone ridden one? Would there be a noticed difference between that's performance and the ZZR? Biketome reports that a 99 ZXR250 has 33.6 kW and a 2004 ZZR250 has 26.1 kW. I'd assume the answers yes, but ones a 2 cyl and the others 4! They have roughly the same torque as well.

    In summary, what do you think I could reasonably ask for my bike, and is it worth changing now or waiting?!
  2. sell the ZZR250 and buy a 600 :D

    just stare at it until you're off restrictions of course ;)
  3. I would keep the bike, they are a good reliable bike and you are only going to get marginal performance increase from most other 250's on the road. It always cost to do a vehicle exchange so unless there is something that really unsettles you about the ZZR then save your money.

    But you didnt say why you want a change...
  4. You've got a good, reliable, low-km bike now. Learn the ropes on that one first (4mths L, 2mths P if I read it right?).
    Save the $$ for the next "scheduled" update, don't blow it now.
    Ony ONE wins on updates/upgrades...the dealer.
  5. you'd definately be wasting too much money for what its worth. dont worry about what the stats say about the bikes, theres not that much of a difference in the end between the two. in fact you'd most likely find that the ZX2 would take off a bit slower (tho it will have a fair bit more stick in the top end)

    stick with the 250 till your off your restrictions or upgrade early and run the gauntlet but theres fark all point to upgrading from a ZZR to a ZXR.
  6. I personally would stick with the zzr and upgrade after

    Lisa :twisted:
  7. Also worthwhile to stay on 250 to gain valuable riding experience possibly good to keep it one year after off your restrictions much cheaper to insure that the the latest 500 or 600cc although difficult to put up with the longing of something bigger
  8. just go from ya 250 to 1000cc bike like i did when ya get full license. forget the middle class bikes unless ya cant afford bigger.
  9. My first bike was a zzr250. & yes by now it's f*#@ing slow, just like mine was. But don't b impatiant, & don't waste or money now. just wait til' u can have a biker bike then spend ur money on that 1. U mite b able 2 afford a better 1 then.

    Besides u still need some more practice b4 the bigger bike, trust me, u do. The more practice the better.
  10. unless your going to get an Aprilia RS250 i wouldn't bother, you'll be losing too much money and your performance increase will not be worth the money you'll lose
  11. unless your going to get an Aprilia RS250 i wouldn't bother, you'll be losing too much money and your performance increase will not be worth the money you'll lose
  12. what blackboy said..
  13. dont upgrade to the zxr250........

    i swapped bikes with a mate and rode his for about 150 kmh's and he rode my 600....

    the thing redlined at 17000 rpm or something ridiculous like that....having riddden another friends zzr it was a much better bike....i mean you dont get anything more out of the zxr than the zzr....save your money for a 600 or somehting bigger..

    we all have to spend our time on smaller bikes, its worth it for the experience.
  14. Thanks heaps for the replies. I'll just have to be patient!

    It'll give me some time to start saving for my next bike...
  15. Yeah, hang in there and wait til you can get a big baby....

    Everyone has the frustration of hangin for more power.... :)
  16. Or you could do something sensible like assess your skill level and buy accordingly. Jumping straight up to a big bore will impress your mates and give you an ego boost. That doesn't mean that just because you can afford to buy it means you are able to ride it well. Skills first, dickhead ego booster second.
  17. And in addition - depending on how/where you ride a mid-bore bike may be better suited to you. You will always hear of stories of people on 600's (even 250's, even including acrosses - right Marty?!) being able to beat a litre bike through some tight twisties.

    Even in motoGP races there are some tracks where the top 250's are beating out some of the litre motoGP bikes.
  18. I want a litre bike as my second bike... I'm just willing to wait another couple years to get it... In the meantime I'll clock up experience on my little 250, borrow a few of my friends mid-sized bikes to get a feel for bigger bikes... now I just need to find someone willing to let me practice a bit on their 1000cc, so I don't top myself the first time out.

    Any ideas on where you can get some practice on bigger bikes? ... I'd really like to know whether it's too much for me before I hand over the dosh, and I just can't see any dealers letting me out on one of their shiny spanky bikes.
  19. Ride days with the superbike school? There was some discussion on them recently, and they offer the rental of bikes...
  20. Settled into the BB easily from a 250 bandit, it all depends how far you wanna pull the throttle back, otherwise just the same as riding a 250 with a bit more extra weight to throw around. For the sake of excitement and saving precious dollars in the long run, I bought the big bike, NOT the shiit in between. :)