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Advice on this FZR250..

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by magic_32, May 2, 2005.

  1. Hey guys, another rookie in the ranks wanting to join the two wheelers. Found this FZR250 on ebay but alas its finishing tonight and wont have a chance to inspect it.

    Is this a big no-no just going by the word of the seller, feedback noted as good, but its always those ones where if you dont act you might miss a goodie.

    Found another one and you dont see too many white bikes these days :eek:
    Another FZR250 for sale

    I have asked the mandatory q's like service history, leaks, damage, cold starts etc but dont they always tell ya what you want to hear? :confused:

    Thanks peoples

  2. Yellow bike... they never come out that color and as far as I know no grey imorter ever painted them yellow eather... so it could have been a smash repair...

    White bike... these did come out white but also they had red and blue stickers all the way down the sides... (from the photo it looks like it has the red on the top of the tank)

    I would put a condition (if you can) that if you win the auction you get to examine it b4 making the last decision.
  3. thanks for the reply and yeah Im guessing by the "Ducati yellow" means that its a respray as with the albino one but Im guessing lots get resprayed due to their age.

    White would get pretty dirty so a strange choice of colours but it does look pretty.

    More advice welcome and much appreciated.
  4. The white one is missing all it's stickers!! They had red and black or blue on the fairings. Could be new fairings cause of a crash, but I'd be checking deeper to see there's any frame twists, etc...