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Advice on tail bag for CBR250R

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Teak, Jan 19, 2015.

  1. I'd like to get some form of storage space for my bike. Nothing huge, but just so I don't have to take a backpack with me everywhere I go for odds and ends (especially books, as I'm returning to study this year). I just got off my L's (yay!), so I'm not too keen on extending the length of the bike or making any permanent modifications since I'm still a newbie at heart. I've seen a few people with removable textile bags that strap onto the pillion seat which I think would be good for my needs (especially since I'm not allowed to take pillion passengers for three years anyway). Any advice on where to buy these and what the price range generally is? Are these usually waterproof? My other thought was perhaps something sturdier that I could clip onto the bike instead of the actual pillion seat itself, but I have no idea if that even exists. I'm currently situated in Bendigo, but don't mind travelling to Melbourne to shop for bike stuff. I'll be moving to Canberra in a couple of weeks, so suggestions for up there welcome too.

  2. Kriega.com.au
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    +1 for kriega bags I had them on my cbr250r
    Waterproof so far (2.5 yrs later)
    With the Us30 pack, you get 2 bags a 20 & a 10, which you can use together or separately depending on what you need to carry
  4. Elliots Bros in Bendigo usually have the Kriega gear in stock if you wanted to have a look. Not many places do :)

    Got my first one there, about to order some more, if you do a search for Kriega there are lots of reviews of the different options in other threads on NR.
  5. Thanks, Kriega looks promising. I was hoping for something I can go and check out in person before buying, so I'll check out Elliott Bros tomorrow. Does my fantasy of modular attachments to replace the pillion seat exist?
  6. I'd check out the website before you go - you're only going to get an idea of the quality (not really function) by looking at it in the shop unless you can line up a demo.
    I am not sure what you mean by modular attachments?
    Have you got a pic/product in mind? Otherwise hopefully someone else knows what you mean and might be able to help. Happy shopping :)
  7. Kriega gear is modular, you can daisy chain all the different size bags together. Fits any bike , 100% waterproof and guaranteed for 8 years (check this, it's been a few years since I bought my US30).

    Used all over the world by riders. You'll struggle to find better value.

    *NB I have no links wth Kriega, just a long term happy customer.
  8. I was thinking you could theoretically detach the seat, and then attach some piece of storage equipment to the bits that would normally hold your seat in place. Then leave the seat itself at home.
  9. TeakTeak +1 for Kriega tail bags from me. I personally ordered mine from the AU website after watching the reviews on RevZilla. Very well built, waterproof.

    Generally for products I tend to search the web for reviews, and also youtube for videos of people with the same bike / equipment.. That way you hear from someone with your bike and any specific issues they may have had.
  10. ^^^ +1

    I've done the research and love what Kriega provide. I'm currently looking to purchase the US40 Combo for my little Tasmanian adventure late March. Then I'll be able to have some options for commuting that don't involve a backpack too!
  11. Kriega is great. The loops go under the seat so when your bag is not there that's all you see.
    I have 2 x US30, 1 x US10 and a US20
  12. + one for Kreiga. Very good gear. Versatile, tough, water proof & good value.
  13. Came home with a US-10 tailbag. Perfect size for what I was after. It was a bit fiddly to get the straps all set up properly underneath (only found two spots to anchor straps to on the subframe of my seat, so had to join up the back two straps into one), but now that it's all ready to go it's super easy to get on and off without anything being in the way at any time. I'll certainly look at getting one of the bigger ones and possibly the tank add-on in future if I need extra storage.
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  14. Can anybody with a US-10 and an 11" Macbook Air tell me if the computer fits inside alright (with/without a case)? I'm looking at getting a new computer soon and would like to be able to fit it in the US-10. Choosing between 11" Macs or 10" other ones. 11" theoretically should fit, but I'd like to hear from someone who's done it.