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Advice on suspension upgrades for the z750

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by livingstonest, May 2, 2007.

  1. Hey guys z750 is sweet machine in terms of engine/handling/ride position/brakes etc. Its got fat sporty tyres and all.... :)

    What i feel can make the beast great is better suspension!

    Now the z750 has fine suspension for commuting/highway but i'm starting to really enjoy the finer twists and turns on road.....and this is where i think upgraded suspension will make the biggest difference. What i'm feeling right now is fork dive on braking, bumpy rear which also moves around abit, gotta fight the front end in a turn when the roads not great.

    So i'm putting off an airfilter/new sprockets/powercommander in favour of suspension.

    So....what do i do? I've read all the other posts on suspensions and its got my mind all muddled.

    zx636 shock, ohlins shock, hagon, race tech, emulators from the sv650, fork oils, etc etc etc.

    What i'm after is a big improvement.
    I want to keep my stock forks and just do the internals. ie emulators/springs/oil/whatever. And for the rear i might just bite the bullet and get ohlins or is there any other brand for substantially lower costs which is almost just as good?

    Please advise what you would do and the estimated costs involved.
    I'm 80kg and like twisty roads. I do commute and hwy but that's not a priority.

    Thanks in advance