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Advice on stupid damage needed

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by Rach_86, Mar 28, 2006.

  1. Hey people,
    I own a ZXR250 and i may have done a bit of damage to it.
    I ran out of oil and as stupid as that sounds it is my first bike and it was ment to have been serviced just befor i got it so i didnt even think to look.
    Anyways my point is I rode it with out oil and it heated up and as soon as i could i got off and put oil in it i did.
    But now it has a defanate ruffness in the engine and a slight ratel. Im rather afraid ive done a bearing.

    Can anyone give me advice so i can check some damage for myself???

    Or could someone point me in the way of a good bike mechanic that isnt going to rip me off.

    Thanks for the input, I really need it :(

  2. Obviously you didnt stop quick enough :cry: I would be thinking you have damaged more than a bearing,so where ever you take it to expect bad news :(
  3. OMG is that.... mat i see?!?!?

    Mat did the same thing, only he didnt realise the problem and kept trying to ride it/start it till he totally screwed the engine.
    if your looking at a new engine its 2 grand if you are lucky....
  4. Geez, that sucks...

    Can I ask, how long had you ridden it after you had it serviced? Was it a couple of months? days? hours???

    I suppose it's pretty hard to recognise a gradual oil loss, I wouldn't blame you as this was your first bike.
  5. Sooo many things can go wrong when you run out of oil, most probably won't be evident without stripping down the engine. Even now it's topped up you could still make the damage worse by riding it any further so you should trailer it to a mechanic and be prepared for the worst.
  6. I havent been silly enough to ride it after that happened.

    Im around the Heidelberg area so does anyone know a good mechanic???

    Ive already been told if they had to crack the case i could be up for $1200 :shock:

    Its gona hurt but what can you do. Its a learning experiance if nothing else. :LOL: :mad:

    Oh and i had only had it around a month befor this happened but i had barley riden it. I was just starting to get into riding it all the time when this happened.
  7. so very very glad i checked my oil level yesterday and noticed it was low before it was to late :shock:

    i hope it turns out to be a cheap fix rach.
  8. You might be better off getting an estimate somewhere .. looking and getting a s/h engine ... recycled in lilydale might be able to help you there as they import those things .. they also bring in engines
  9. Stafford Yamaha= :grin: :grin: :grin:

    Redwing Honda= :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil:

    Nuf said. :wink:
  10. ... and the OP has a kwaka?

    I'd be inclined to get it fixed before it bites you. A failed bearing at 100km/h could cost you more than the $1100 your getting quoted for a fix. In my opinion i'd be searching for a reputed backyard mechanic who is looking for a challenge, then hunt down a replacement donk from either a wrecker, or Yahoo Auctions Japan.
  11. As do I. Most shops work on all brands. It doesn't have to be a Kawasaki Dealer, which is lucky cause there aren't any near here.
  12. Fairy 'nuff... i don't use dealers for anything other than parts.
  13. I dont think anyone has listened to his engine yet. By the sounds of things they said "if we have to carck the case" which sounds like a phon inquiry. I might be wrong but if you havent yet taken iot to any mechanic, do that first. You never know, it may not be doom and gloom yet and any decent mechanic can tell you by listening to it if it needs to be investigated. Drop in at redwing and simply say; "Can you listen to this and tell me if it sounds ok, I've only had the bike for a few weeks."
  14. In one thing you are lucky... you are in Heidelberg...

    go and see Yki at http://www.southerncrosssports.com/ he is an expert on gray imported 250's

    $1200 sounds just about right... most mech's charge just $600 to take the motor out and have a look... in that case you might as well replace the engine...

    I'm looking for a ZXR250A motor for my bike... perhaps if we team up and buy two at onece we can get a discount...
  15. I own a ZZR250. When I got it there was no manual. How do I know how much oil is enough? There appears to be no level on the tank. The oil light comes on as soon as I turn on the ignition but goes as soon as the revs get higher. What is a good way to check accurate levels?
  16. Yea that was kind of my problem.
    Then I was told after it stuffed up that theres a little window on the side of the bike that lets you look in and check the level.

    Wish i knew that befor hand.

    Next thing on my list is to get it on a trailer to a mechanic. Ive been putting it off a bit for fear of getting it on the trailer. But im sure ill figure it out. Males are generally good at stuff like that, joking. :)

    If i do need a new motor ill defanitly say so on the forum so if any deals can be done to get it cheaper im there.
  17. Put it on the centre stand while on level ground. The sight window is on the right hand side of the engine casing. There will be two marks on the glass representing high and low.

    The warning light should always come on when you turn the ignition on. This tells you that the light is working. If it goes off when the bike starts, there should be nothing to worry about, but check the level regularly to avoid the light comming on when riding. You must always switch off if this light comes on while riding.

    If by 'tank' you meant fuel tank (no smilelies used) please stop putting oil in it. Oil goes in the sump. There will be a filler cap on the engine casing probably directly above the sight glass. If you're just having a lend then I'm well sucked in. :)
  18. speaknig of putting in oil... i usually just make a funnel out of paper... use this when doing it for the car too...

    i can't imagine that's bad?
  19. I do the same thing, except i do it because i'm too lazy to look around the garage for a funnel when i want to top up or change the oil :p
  20. You rode it dry and until it heated up, now it has noises? runs rough?

    If you are very lucky may have only done some top end damage, as this si the first area ot lose oil supply - but having ridden for a while, the bottom end suffering the most wear, with no oil, could equal bad things.

    Start looking around for a cheap bike same as yours, or ring every wrecker you can find...recos on old gear is almost never worth it.