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Advice on Strollers?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Clairebear, Jun 23, 2008.

  1. This is the noobie equivalent to "should I buy a Hyosung or a Honda?" :grin:

    Mum is taking Dougz and I shopping on the weekend for a new stroller (amongst other items). Mum has also made it clear that she is happy to get us whatever we like (lucky us)... but we're a little concerned about the amount of money she is willing to spend on a stroller! (ie. a Bugaboo!)

    Essentially - we'd like to make sure she isn't wasting her money on something that is "trendy" but in reality is completely useless.

    What experiences have other parents had with the strollers out there? Are there any that we should avoid like the plague? Are there ones that people swear by?

    What practicalities should we keep an eye out for when choosing a stroller? (e.g. storage space, weight, foldable?)

    Any advice would be really appreciated!
  2. Definitely fold it up and down a few times to be sure how easy it is. The one we have is near impossible for anyone that doesn't know exactly how to 'jiggle' the locking button like I do.
  3. The most important thing to bear in mind is that you're going to be folding it up and unfolding it, getting it into and out of the car a million bloody times. And as time goes on, the amount of crap you will be needing to shove into the boot will only increase. Then when you have more than one kid...you get the idea.

    There are some trendy ones that people buy and they invariably regret it. These are the large wheel type that require you to remove the wheels every time you go to pack it up and they take up a sh!tload of space as well. Large wheel strollers are great when you are taking you child over rough terrain, but for the most part the small wheel ones are going to be more versatile, easier to pack up, and take up less space. If you're thinking of jogging with one, then there are some specific ones (large wheel and foldable) that are suitable for this purpose.

    But trust me on this - go into the stores and try packing the things up and putting them back together again before you make any decision. You're going to spend a lot of time doing this once you are carting around bub!!!
  4. make sure it is easy to put in your boot.
    some won't fit unless you take one or all of the wheels off.
    Consider whether you want a reversible handle or not.

    I got a Steelcraft Acclaim as it is one of the few with reversible handle.

    It doesn't fold down as small as some, but can get into the boot of a smallish hatchback with the wheels on.
  5. Oh and I should mention, I had a Peg Perego that was da bomb! Convertible system from pram to stroller, reversible handle, lightweight, packed up small, easy to fold up and put back together, and lasted from infancy until the kids no longer needed a stroller any more at all.

    Looked something like this
  6. Stay away from strollers they normally have children near by :shock:
  7. Clair and Doug, as a Grandpa of 3, i fully recommend those 3 wheeled ones. Easy to fold and easy for an ole fart to push. Buy the strongest one, cos you will use it for a few years, then trade it in on a peewee50.
  8. We've got a Maclaren stroller and a Bill & Ted pram. The stroller is dead handy for supermarkets etc, but no good for "off road". The Bill and Ted is great for offroad but too big for little aisles. If your mind can stand it get 'em secondhand and save a fortuuuuune!
  9. Peg Perego is the best we had [ i have 4 kids :shock: ] and is really good in gravel paths etc. Look for a stroller that EASY TO CLEAN! The little buggers vomit and shit a LOT! :shock:

    Easy to fold and one you put a mozzy net over is good as well.
  10. I'd suggest against getting one with all wheel steering. They are a b1tch to get up and down curbs. Also I don't like the fact ours has 'suspension' in the rear, that makes it harder to push down the rear to pick up the front to get over things. Smaller and lighter (whilst still being strong) is probably better, depends on how much extra stuff you need to carry.
  11. The traditional 'umbrella' stroller that folds up to next to nothing are great for packing, but not wonderful to push around for very long. We have a Valco one, and its ok in shopping centres but awful on footpaths - tiny little wheels. I hate pushing it as well because I keep kicking the wheels - the handles aren't in the right position for me.

    The other problem with the Valco is that the front wheels don't steer very well any more, and we haven't had it very long!

    We also have a three wheeler, a Beema Q from Babyco. Tyres with tubes, rolls really well. It is great for going for a longer walk, along a riverside path, footpaths etc, and folds up reasonably small. The rear wheels come out easily too, which makes it even easier to pack. It still fits our three year old quite easily. I would always prefer pushing this to the stroller.

    I would recommend looking secondhand, because people get rid of these pretty often with not much use.

    Now if someone could make one with a silencer... :?
  12. +1 there are a few shops now around selling stuff on consignment.
  13. Do you want just a stroller or pram and stroller to last the expected two years?

    When you can answer that then your next question is terraine?

    Is Highpoint the most likely place you will use it? then not much consideration but if your footpathing it, then look for larger wheels with less option for free spin, also popular is the three wheele jogger types, bearings wear quickly on smaller wheels and they end up in the tip around six months.

    I got a pram/stroller mid weight, considerations, width, layback, sitting positions for various stages of growth, and how much weight can be put on the hood or handle and with the intention of two children by balance and where or what types of seats could be added.

    Be inventive go into the Baby shop with a sack of potatoes or oranges, 1 kilo should give you and your mother some indication for balance, by slightly tipping it and try it in all sitting positions, as suggested fold it up and down several times, the quicker and freer in my experience are cheaper and dont last long.

    After several stroller for the first two, I ended up investing in a 4 larger wheeled pram/stroller, slightly heavier but suitable for all terraine, a small price to pay for child safety especially when they are light weight and tip and could cause head injury. This is my personal opinion considering I've only had 5 kids and the last pram lasted the three girls and I sold it looking great at half the price I paid for it, think that is called investment.

  14. Hey guys - thanks for all the advice :grin:

    It's a real sticky wicket innit? This is our first bub and as we are the first of our friends to be having kids (well - everyone else is pregnant as well so we're all in the same boat) so no-one really knows what to look for. We are looking for one that will last and convert from a pram into a stroller....and yes, we probably will then trade it in for a PeeWee50!

    From what I gleaned we need to keep in mind:
    - manouverability/stability
    - weight
    - durability (how clean can we keep it and will it fall to bits?)
    - compactability (I'm not sure that's a word....)
    - storage space
    - Cone of Silence :wink:

    I like the idea of taking a sack of potatoes and testing it out.

    Again thanks guys.
  15. FWIW, I think (as Nin said) that the terrain you are going to use it on will decide the style you need.
    Big wheels are great if you need to go over kerbing, grass, rough footpaths. I can't count the number of times we have nearly tipped the kids over when a small wheel has hit the smallest of obstacles.
    But big wheelers are often heavy and wide. If you can't get it in the car boot without taking the wheels off, forget it. If you need more than one hand and one foot to collapse it, forget it. If you ever need to get it on a tram - FORGET a three wheeler.
    It's also great if you can totally detach the fabric from the frame to clean it.
    We had a pram that converted to a stroller (3 wheeler) which was good as a pram, but in the end we went to a lightweight small wheel stroller after they grew out of the pram.
    What you want is a lightweight, foldable narrow device with four decent sized wheels. Never seen one :roll:
  16. mine has mag wheels.
  17. Had a jeep for the 2nd. Bloody brilliant, will go anywhere. A bit big, but has storage space. You definately need a drink holder. Also got el-cheapo stroller for plane travel and other times space is an issue. 3rd had spent most of it's time in a sling and has rarely ridden in either.
  18. It doesn't really matter what type you get as long as you can do this


    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  19. I was watching kerry-Anne this morning and they had a stroller on it, it has multiple uses and even converts to a little 3 wheel trike with the removal of a few things and the addittion of little pedals that come with it.
  20. The most important rules when pram/stroller shopping

    Is it Dad/Grandparent/idiot proof to fold up?
    Does it fit in the boot of the car and leave room for some shopping?
    Can you pull the material parts off to wash it?
    Does it have a five-point harness?
    Does it have an easy-to-use brake?

    Best advice once you've got the pram -

    Scotch Guard it!!! Spills are way easier to clean when its waterproof.

    Always use the harness - little babies can wiggle, toddlers try to climb out - it's like the seat belt in the car - use it all the time.

    Always use the brake when you stop - wiggling toddlers can make a pram roll away - better safe than sorry!

    I've got three kids - twins and a big sister, and I always used the harness on the pram and the highchair, and never had whinging kids trying to climb out and run away when shopping. Also heard a story of the big sister pushing a pram at school, it got away from her and rolled down a hill and into a tree - the one year old on board had a little scratch when they picked up the high-sided pram - it could have been alot worse without those straps to hold him in!

    Good Luck with the shopping and keep the receipt!!!