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Advice on storing Pillion helmet while riding

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Lectre, Nov 8, 2006.

  1. Hey all.
    I see quite a few riders who've obviously just dropped off their pillion passenger (or riding to pick them up) and they have a helmet on the side of their bike... My question is how does one hook the pillion helmet to the bike?
    The reason for myself being perplexed about this is that my bike has a lockable mechanism on the left hand side which I could put a helmet on when parked, but when my bike is in motion it would bang against the swing arm/chain guard and generally pose a safety issue. I also don't want to damage my fairings by having something hard plastic bashing around at will, and possibly even damaging my helmet. There must be a way to actually tie down the helmet to the top of the seat, or to the pillion hand rail but thus far I've not find either the right straps or the best method for doing such.
    So if any of you out there have any suggestions on how to attach a pillions helmet to my bike securely, I'd love to hear all about it!
    Cheers d-_-b

  2. You can buy a net that fits over the helmet and has hooks that attach to the bike, you sit the helmet on the pillion seat.
  3. Sounds useful! Any particular place you recommend getting one from?
  4. I got mine in the USA from here,


    But I'm sure you could find an Oz supplier........
  5. Cool cheers mate :grin:
  6. I have a strap on my backpack that I can connect a helmet to..... bit uncomfy at high speeds though..........
  7. I usually just hook the helmet over my left arm/elbow.
  8. That is actually an offence, as it affects your ability to control the bike. I know a young girl who was fined for doing just that with handbag a few years back.
  9. I just bought one of those nets for AU$25.71 from here. US$14.95 postage and US$5.00 for the net itself :grin:
    Once that arrives I'm all ready to go cruisin' around lookin' for the ladeeez :p
  10. I thought that might be the case... say Inci, do you know if it's an offense to ride back from the shops with a french loaf sticking out the front of your jacket? :p
  11. If you want to catch one of those and keep them still, you might need a bigger net.......
  12. :LOL: I'll be alright, I've still got that Special K Stuieboy got me for Christmas... :shock:
    Very nice!
  13. Just had my BungeeNet arrive in the mail and it's looking pretty good, very strong, very stable, I'm looking forward to putting it through its paces :grin:
  14. stupid server
  15. Interesting, I've never had any issues with it?

    How does having a helmet on your elbow affect your ability to control the bike? Its a little uncomfortable, but the only thing you do with your left arm is clutch, and steer.. which you can still do just fine with a helmet there :?:
  16. Don't ask me, I didn't write the law, but it's an offense nonetheless......
  17. I wouldn't be happy operating a motorcycle with a helmet on my elbow - I'm pretty tall, and would have the helmet hitting my legs when changing gears/braking.

    I presme it would be the helmets tendency to move, perhaps under braking... perhaps towards your throttle/clutch hand - messing up control of the bike.

    Yes - helmet on elbow perfectly safe... if it stays there.
  18. Yeah if it stays there... Personally I'm a lot happier now I've got my little net, I think it'll be useful for more than just helmets... before I was looking at putting the spare helmet in the gear sack and trying to wear an extra jacket under mine if I was going to go pick someone up... no thanks! :shock: