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Advice on stands??

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by ArtieFufkin, Jul 30, 2008.

  1. I have a KLE 500 dual purpose bike, which just has the side stand, and I wanted something to hold the bike up with the real wheel off the ground for general maintenance work (chain cleans and lube mainly)

    Was thinking about a 'stand-alone' stand (think they're called paddock stand, which you can slide under the rear wheel and lift) which I could keep in the garage and use when needed. Not cheap though - bike biz has them starting from around $130.

    However, I could also install a centre stand. On the 'pro' side, the permanent stand would be there when and where I need it. On the 'con' side it would add to the weight of a bike that already has a low power to weight ratio (it is learner legal after all :LOL: )

    Anyone have words of wisdom on the benefits of installing a centre stand, how easy is it to install, how much do they (approx) weigh, how much they cost and (most importantly) will it work for chain lubing and other minor maintenance work. Or would it be better just to get the stand-alone option.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. Dunno how well a std paddock stand wd fit a dual-purpose bike (height/elevation of swing-arm, etc), but I got my R-Jays at $90 after 10% discount from Bikemart, Ringwood. Brian Fullard, the proprietor, is a TOP bloke!

    The R-Jays come in 3 separate pieces, assembled via simple bolts-n-nuts. They lift using either flat supports or swing-arm spools (which you need to buy separately about $11-12, IF yr swing-arm comes with screw-in fittings).
  3. Anderson stands http://www.andersonstands.com/
    They are very high quality and for a reasonable price. If you not sure what stand would be suitable for your bike, ask them a question on their contact page, they are extremely helpful.
  4. I ebayed a paddock stand for 60 somthing $$... theres usually a few on there.
  5. I vote for the paddock/race stand. They're much more stable that a center stand. My bike has a center stand but I still use the race stand to do any maintenance.
    Hopefully your swing arm has spool mount points.

    How do you figure that? Whats the difference?
  6. MCAS have an RJays stand for about $90...good enough for home maintenance. I have one. :)

    Edit: Err, what whitenite said.
  7. Some trailies/dual-purpose bikes have swingarms that "rise" toward the center (pivot). If the angle of the rise is steep, and the swing-arm does not come with spool-mounting points, it may be difficult to fit the flat-end brackets of the paddock stand properly onto the swing-arm.