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Advice on some potential motorobikes needed

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by graemepa, Aug 6, 2006.

  1. Hey guys,

    Just popping in a post on behalf of someone. She is after her first motorboke as she just recently got her l's.

    She had a go on my GPX250 and found it a little too big and a little bit too heavy. She is roughly 150cm tall and about 60kg u can u guys suggest any good motorbikes that she should be looking for?


    ps i tried doing a search coz ive seen alot of posts about this kinda thing, but i couldnt find anything :grin:
  2. New or used?

    Does she have a budget she needs to work within?

    Are you allowing $1000 for safety gear?

    The GPX's are a good bike. A newer one might handle better for her.

    I only hear good things about the GS500 susuki's... and a lot of female learner's go for them. Hold their money too.
    The GS500F model is one with full fairings - so it's prettier but costs more if you drop it.

    I ride an FZR250, which is a 250 full fairing littls sports fizzer - friend's of mine who have ridden it AND CBR250RR's and ZZR250's are of the opinion that it's exceptionally nimble and handles fantastically.

    Repairs are costly compared to a Honda though.

    Find out what she thought of the learner course bikes :)
  3. Spada. 138kg, short of going 125 one of the lighter bikes you'll find. They're good for shorties too.
  4. her budget is no more than 3500 so it'll be second hand.

    weve had a look at the CB250's from the training day and she didnt really like the look of them.

    and also she isnt able to ride 500 due to the restrictions in Vic :mad:
  5. The GS500 is a 250cc bike.

    Yeah, I don't know why they called it a GS five hundred either.

    Maybe they want people to think it's twice as good as other 250's available :p

    From what you said - see port80's post.
    Probably be fine.
    ...does she like the look of any naked bikes/cruiser types? or is her heart set on a sportier model 'cause you've got a GPX?
  6. Fresh one from the trading post...

    HONDA SPADA 1990 RWD red, 250cc 6sp manual, 59500kms, Reg12/2006, Tyres and Battery new, just serviced, RWCert, nothing to spend, great learners bike and very reliable, UZ881 EC $2900 (03)93264397 (0422)915073 frank.tino@freenet.de North Melbourne.
  7. Ummmm pretty sure the GS500 is a 500.
  8. Well I'll be...

    "487cc, air-cooled, DOHC..."

    You're right. A misunderstanding on my part as I was informed of it's learner legalnessishness.
  9. argh sorry for derailing your thread but MAN talk about the GS500F really makes me wanna go out there and sit on one =D
  10. Lower kms / cheaper examples can be found, I'd look for abour 40-45k for under $3k. However a well maintained bike is worth much more than a low km bike (to a degree of course).

    I'd offer $2200-2500 for the above if it were me buying (having paid too much for mine at $4200).
  11. I just bought a similar Spada with lower ks for $2600, so I'd second the idea of offering 2500 or so for that one... and Spadas are totally sweet. ;)
  12. Depends what she wants to do with the bike but it might be worthwhile having a look at an air-cooled single like a Yamaha SRX250, Suzuki GN250 or Honda CBX250 (think there's an equivalent Kwaka too but can't think of the model). They're a bit lighter and smaller than a lot of other 250s and usually quite cheap. Only real downside is that top speed's not that great.
  13. +1 Spada.

    I was in almost the same situation - my girlfriend started learning on the ZZR but found it a bit too high and heavy for her (fair call - they are pretty large for a 250), and ended up dropping it at a roundabout.

    SO we set out to get her a bike, and she has no such trouble with the Spada. I've ridden it to work a few times (she was on holiday! :)) and they're light, narrow and nimble, excellent for slow speed work and commuting, and easily coped with my adventures on Citylink at 110 km/h. They're also fun bikes that sound pretty cool for a 250.