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Advice on sold bike - new owner having problems

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by hercules, Mar 19, 2007.

  1. Hi all,

    Just wanting some feedback.

    I Recently sold my VTR 250 04 only had 4000 Kms . The bike was in great mechanical shape the bike had been serviced.
    The guy I sold it too took it for a test ride and all was good, he was happy.

    I had a phone call from the guy tonight saying that he is having issues starting the bike he has gone through two battries and numerous charges trying to start it. I told him its a carbie bike with a choke so you first need to have the choke on to start it easy. He replied I have had heaps of bike never had problems like this. The guy in a round about way was saying that I sold him a lemon. He said he will call me again if he has problems.

    In my mind the deal is closed.

  2. Yep - his problem now, but does he know where you live? :)

    Maybe he's dropped it and the plugs are wet, maybe he's overfilled it and needs to try starting it with the tank open, maybe he put crappy fuel in it and there's water in the tank.

    You might want to keep this line in your back pocket:
    "The bike always ran fine for me. If it has an issue now, I don't know what it is any better than you do. Best off taking it to a mechanic, mate."
  3. probably got the fuel tap off maybe picked up some dirty fuel it only had 4k on the clock possibly operater error
  4. The deal IS closed, and if he HAS had heaps of bikes he ought to know that things can go wrong for all sorts or no reasons, not connected with any event. Obviously the regulator has carked it, which it would have done to you had you kept it much longer.
  5. Too bad him. Tell him polite to go suck eggs, that's the risk you take on a private purchase. Don't waste time being too nice, and helpful, it will only end badly.

    This is why I would never sell a car/bike to a friend. Can't avoid them if it screws up.
  6. Caveat Emptor!

    If the guy has seen/ridden and purchased the bike, he has satisfied himself that the bike is suitable for what he intends to use it for.

    Unless you are a licenced dealer then no statutory warranty is applicable. If he wanted warranty, he should have purchased a brand new, or near new bike with balance of factory warranty, or got a bike from a dealer who is obligated to offer a warranty.
  7. Probably in gear and not realising it :LOL:
  8. Spot on Ktulu.

    What's a bloke who's had 'heaps of bikes' doing buying a VTR250 anyway?? Is he still on his P's?
  9. What they said.
    Been through this, as both buyer and seller.

    Not your problem, once the deal is done it's done.