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Advice on sale value - CBR600f4i

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by RRbabe, Oct 12, 2006.

  1. Wondered if anyone could assist me - I've looked on trading post and bikepoint but prices vary so much I thought I would ask you all...

    I have a 2001 CBR600f4i with around 15k on the clock that I have owned from new. Red & black colour scheme with a Micron pipe, never dropped or caned!

    Am thinking of trading it for a jetski as I have a 600RR as well, and the jetski would get more use than the 2nd bike.

    Have spoken to a Yamaha dealer and they have said anything from 7-10k so I am none the wiser!

    Any advice appreciated,
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  3. I`ll give you 6500
  4. you own two bikes that i would love to have in my garage. share the wealth!

    but the f4i would easily get $8-9k easily in victoria. not sure about in tassie.
  5. i would list the bike for 9k o.n.o and see how things go?!
  6. Do yourself a favour and don't trust the redbook value. It is alway too low.
  7. Hmm...

    I bought my '04 F4i with 2,400klms on it for $10,500 in Jan this year. Wrecked it in September. Current value about 2 cents.....

    With yours, it's coming into summer (good time to sell), so the sale price is likely to be higher. Use one of the online sites like bikesales and take some good pictures. I think it shouldn't be too hard to get about about $8-$8.5 for it.

    Goodluck RN
  8. how wrecked is wrecked? is it salvageable?
  9. Interesting, I usually find it to be right on the money...so to speak. Although most people I know seem to think it's too high. :)
  10. Yeah it is fixable, but it went to Fowels, probably goes to auction this month if it hasn't already.

    Needs all new front plastics, forks, pipe, tail section. Rest (include frame & swing arm) is ok, but has stone damage from the kiity litter at PI.
  11. Just had a look through a few bikes I know a little about.

    It seems it's better then it used to be, so ignore my comment.