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Advice on riding gear

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by spd33y, Mar 21, 2007.

  1. Just bought a bike (GSXR-600) so I need to get some protective gear.

    I will mostly be riding on the street and occasionally to work. Not sure about track days this early on.

    I am borrowing a helmet for now, so I will decide which one I want shortly, but as for gloves, I have been looking at:

    -Alpine Stars 06 GP Plus ~$199
    -Alpine Stars 06 GP Pro ~$250
    -Spidi Carbo-six ~$300

    I have tried these three on and the spidi felt the stiffest and felt like it offered the most protection, but mabey too restrictive.

    Any suggestions for other gloves I should check out, or anything in particular I should look out for. Will these ones I have looked at be really hot in summer?

    Also I used to own a textile jacket when I was riding my first dirtbike on the road, but sold it. I am now contemplating getting a leather jacket.

    I tried on the Dainese Kirishima jacket, and an Alpine stars MX-1(I think it was). They seemed to offer good protection (with the Dainese fitting better), but a bit more restrictive than I was thinking they would be (they said it will stretch).

    Will textile jackets still offer the same protection as a Leather jacket? And what are the pros/cons of the two types?

    The people in the shop said that the leather jackets will be very cold in winter, but cooler in summer.

    At least if I got leather, I could use it if I started to get into track days. And I don't plan on riding the bike in the rain, I will still use the car (apart from those times I get caught out).

    And I spose shortly down the track I will be getting some pants also.

    Thanks for your feedback.
  2. Just opinions.....

    -Alpine Stars 06 GP Plus ~$199
    -Alpine Stars 06 GP Pro ~$250
    -Spidi Carbo-six ~$300

    Pretty expensive here, and lots of less expensive gloves still offer great protection.

    Will these ones I have looked at be really hot in summer?

    Your hands are going to get hot in summer in any good glove. If you're going to ride all year round you'll need a pair of wet-weather gloves as well, and carry them with you at all time, (unless you're riding across the Simpson Desert, in which case it will probably be safe to leave them at home.)

    Will textile jackets still offer the same protection as a Leather jacket? And what are the pros/cons of the two types?

    If your budget will run to it, get a textile for the stuffy Sydney summers, and a leather for longer, serious rides, and winter. A quality textile will still offer a reasonable leve of protection (although not as much as leather, of course).

    The people in the shop said that the leather jackets will be very cold in winter, but cooler in summer.

    :LOL: Exactly the opposite, actually, that's why you need a lighter jacket for summer.

    At least if I got leather, I could use it if I started to get into track days.

    No, you should invest in a full set of leathers for track days, or buy a second-hand set at least. Jacket and pants can come adrift on the track, resulting in kidney-area rash and other unsightly contusions.

    And I spose shortly down the track I will be getting some pants also

    Get some Draggin jeans straight away; your hands and your knees will hit the deck first in the event of a fall, and you need the kevlar between you and Nasty Mr Bitumen.
  3. Thanks for the reply. Very helpful.

    I was just checking out the Draggin Jeans actually. I like the Camo urban ones.

    I might be better off buying Draggin Jeans and using them all the time on the street, and mabey a leather jacket instead of a textile, but I will see whats around.

    If I do track days, I will buy a proper one piece suit.

    I spose I will buy some gloves (got any recommendations for cheaper ones) and some draggin jeans to start off, and make my mind up about leather or textile jackets.

  4. I bought Rivets, but they were only $70 two years ago; you may like to spend a LITTLE more than that :LOL:.

    I'd get some draggins, gloves and a good textile jacket now, get riding, and investigate the other stuff at your leisure....
  5. Don't forget either the Draggin knee armour or a set of strap on dirt pads to go under them, otherwise you'll have zero impact protection on your knees. Hurties...I have a nice scab and bruise combo developing here from an impact that didn't even poke through the denim. Even good skate pads are better than nothing, just make sure they stay on.
  6. i'm wearing -Alpine Stars 06 GP Plus ~$199

    it has good vent, hand was pretty cool around 30C. and somehow it repels water (been riding on shower rain twhere pant was all wet). Pretty light and comfortable. It has two zips, which can zip properly when used, also gives good grip feedback on the handle.

    I didn't know GP PRO was available which theoritically better otherwise i would give that a try too.

    I don't think you would need leather for street use. I felt my titan waterproof jacket is strong enough, might get sweat on 30C+. and the good thing is it reflect light. (like sparkle) :grin:
  7. Dririder gloves have served me well - winter were $100 and summer $60.

    I didn't catch any mention of boots? have you already got them covered.

    I use the dirt "youth" stap on knee armour because with the cargos i found the armour is not always where it needs to be, since it is attached to the pants themselves.
  8. If you can afford the money, you can't spend too much on gear.
    Gloves and pants are two common areas where people scrimp but shouldn't.

    Yeah, as others have said don't forget armour if you're buying Draggin's (avoid the stuff they sell and instead buy strap on, oo-er).

    If you're worried about which products are good and which aren't, stick to the 'brands' (Dainese, Alpinestars, etc), they may cost more, but you'll find that most people tend to 'recommend' gear that they haven't crashed in, which is a pretty worthless recommendation. The top (expensive) brands are there for a reason, as they generally make the best gear.
    (There are exceptions of course, but this is a good general guide if you have no hard recommendation to go on.)

    Avoid those mesh jackets unless all you do is low speed city riding. They don't offer great protection.

    Leather is king, but it will be cold in winter and hot in summer and is seldom waterproof (I've never had a set yet that has been). Textiles are good for everyday, all year use, but will be throw-away if you crash in them.

    Leathers (one or two piece with wrap around zip) are compulsory for track riding.

    For info, I have a Spidi H20 textile jacket with Dainese armoured textile jeans for every day use (total cost around $1000) and some two piece Alpinestars leathers for more spirited riding and track days (again around $1000). Gloves are some rather tasty Belstaff items, which cost me around $250, an Arai helmet (again around $1000) and some Daytona boots ($250).
    It took me a while to get this little lot together, mind you...
  9. I have a set of the Carbo six gloves and they are fantastic, well worth the money.

    Buy the stuff that fits the best and feels the best on. Leather will be hotter in summer as most of the fabric jackets have removable liners in them. If you are only planning to ride in fine weather then the Leather will do.
  10. can leathers standup to wet weather?
  11. +1, my knee's still giving me trouble from an impact two weeks ago
  12. None of the gloves mentioned will be hot in Summer, only winter (lined) gloves would be inappropriate in the heat.

    Joe Rocket are my favourite gloves when it comes to both comfort and protection, Spidi next. Dainese are crap in my opinion, every pair I've had haven't lasted long (stitching comes apart at the seams). Admittedly I am pretty hard on the gear.

    Leather jacket all the way for street riding for me, regardless of season/weather. Leather can be pretty snug in Winter, soma also have a zip out liner which is cooler for summer.

    Most leather jackets also have zip attachments for leather pants. If you ever want to get into track riding later on, you can just buy some leather pants to zip to them. AGV Sport have been good for me, made and fit well, and won't break the bank (abot $400 IIRC, not just paying for a brand name):

    Draggin jeans are popular (waves of camo at MotoGP!) and a quantum leap over the protection that jeans offer. I reckon they're adequate for street riding, but bare in mind that it's the armour that will save you from big injuries on the street.

    Good to see you asking intelligent and relevant questions when it comes to protection!
  13. CAMOS
    * +1 regarding strap-on armour for loose jeans. I bought the camos and the velcro Draggin armour - doesn't stay in place, hard to find a spot where you can have it right for on the bike AND walking around... general pain in the ar$e.
    * Also, I thought the camos looked great - until I saw just about EVERYONE else wearing them! I prefer the plain jeans look. I now have skins (draggins with their armour - holds in place coz of jeans so tight :wink: ).

    * Rain: My leathers (2 piece Joe Rocket) have been in reasonably heavy rain up to 30-40mins without any sign of it soaking in. I treat it with wax. Any heavier than that and I put my 1 piece wet weather suit over the top (kind of a pain to get on and off - maybe 2 piece would be easier?), but I don't use it much.
    * Temperature: I wear my leathers year round until it gets around 30, then I have my summer gear. Up til then the removable liner and zip open air vents make the jacket much more versatile - really cools it down while still being toasty (when closed) on those cold days. Oh yeah - thermals under leather and even I'm never cold!
    * Track days: Although I have leathers, if I was to do a track day I might prefer to hire their 1 piece. I got my 2 piece jacket slightly bigger so I could wear layers underneath. Also, although it can zip together it might catch as I slide at high speeds.
    * Coming off with leather Vs textile (both Joe Rocket):
    - I cartoon splatted into the side of a truck in textile. I don't think I slid more than about a foot and it had burn marks (melted bits and holes). I'd hate to have a serious slide in it. The armour was what was really needed and it did its job beautifully - no joint issues at all.
    - Low sided and slid across maybe 1m bitumen and 7m gravel in my leathers. I got a few tiny nicks you can barely see, unlike the deep swoosh marks the bike received! Although the affected areas were over seems, all stitching stayed in tact. Once again, the armour did a great job.

    I'm reluctant to get in it unless I have to (even then I can mix and match with the leather) because it is definitely less protective than the leathers, but a girl's also gotta concentrate! I have draggin skins and mesh jacket.

    I got one because I figure I'm fairly likely to smack into things when I come off (I mostly commute, occ twisties). Only issue with it is it goes a bit lower than the join for zipping jacket to pants. I can do it up, but it's bloody hot on warmer days and looks kinda funny having such a lump in my pants :LOL: . I'm hoping that by wearing the protector as tight as I can, my back won't get exposed anyway.

    I've only come off in cheap pairs
    * RJays - stitching fell apart way too easily.
    * DryRider - slightly scuffed, including stitching, but still basically new.