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Advice on RGV250

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by wrxbox, May 31, 2007.

  1. I would like to know from RGV owners and those that have had RGV’s how much and what maintenance they require? Are they as demanding as a Mito?
    I have the tools and knowledge to do maintenance, but I don’t have the time.
    What should I look out for if I were to buy one? Are there any particular problems in different year models?
    What would an RGV be like as a commuter? I travel from Melton to the city 50kms each way, it’s not all heavy traffic but very thick in town. I found it ok on the Mito but not enough power to quickly pass someone when they are doing 109km/h and I want to do 110km/h.

  2. You couldn't get a much worse bike IMO!

    It will soon become a chore (for you and the bike), any 4-stroke will be much more composed. RGV's don't like to sit on steady highway speeds.
  3. Pistons and rings can last up to 10,000km. First time it took me a whole day, I can now do this in 4-5 hours.

    I don't know how demanding a Mito is for maintenance, but I know they are troublesome for parts (long lead times, things break on them when the shouldn't).

    I reckon it would be better on an RGV than a mito, you would appreciated the extra power and weight. A stab in the dark, but I reckon the RGV would appreciate sitting on a contsant speed as much as the Mito does.
  4. I love my RGV, but it sometimes doesnt love me in return.
    Yeah, As mekros said, +powervalves checks clean.

    My rgv doent mind sitting on 100kmph on the freeway. It doesnt like traffic though, heats up like no tomorrow. Relativly narrow bike,with mirrors folded.
    No so good on fuel though.
  5. hmm, I’m thinking then that I might go for something like an Across, I’m just wondering what they are like at passing a car at 110km/h
  6. You could possibly get a 250 bandit or hornet for about the same money and suffer much less maintenance.
    I know the western and feel a solid 4 stroke would be a better bet.
    However ALL bikes require maint.
  7. If you are small enough then you should be fine, I just got a cbr250r, and it struggles to go faster then 120km/h, and passing anyone on the motorway is a bit hard. But then again I'm 105kg, 25kg less would make a world of difference.
  8. Depends on what kind of a ride your after. cbr250rr's are awsome when tuned properly and use aftermarket jets. Easily hit 160kph on a track.
    They also accelerate fairly briskly.
  9. My Mito will do over 160 (don't know how I know that) but it doesn't have the quick zip you need to overtake someone quickly.
  10. Hi guys this is actually my first post on netrider, I have been doing a liitle research lately regarding RGV's & am intending on purchasing one soon. a few thnigs ive concluded, & correct me if im wrong is. Yes, the RGV does require more maintenance more regularly particularly keeping a close eye on the power valves. But the aprillia RS250 shares the same engine design, and would be quite a popular bike if the price wasn't so restricting for a lot of people. A CBR250rr is a fantastic bike I agree, but the majority of them are imports of which many have (Apparantly) had their ODO wound back, usually cost between $5-$7k, engine's more reliable but far more expensive to rebuild if she blows and is quite a bit slower, particularly a well used one.
    So I feel if the rider is willing to put up with rebuilding an rgv every 10k you'll always have a fresh motor, it'll be reliable, quick and probably a little more fun if you can tolerate the vibration & noise of a two stroke.

    P.S sorry about the essay.
  11. Dont forget about a crank(bottom end) rebuild, every approx 40k kms. Expensive and difficult to do.
    A RGV is no more noisy as a Cbr or ninja250.
  12. In regards to rebuilding the bottom end, is the main concern the bearings, seals or fatigue of the crankshaft itself. What's an estimate price for a bottom end rebuild??
  13. Most of the concern is to do with an unbalanced crank, that will bugger up the top end very quickly. Havent had any prob with my crank, but from what i hear, many things can happen to the crank, bearing failures and crank seizures. Havent heard about leaky seals that much.

    Not sure of costs, but most crank work is 1000+++.
  14. i have been looking for a 250 for the past few months, i looked at the most powerful first (aprillia RS250 and Suzuki RGV250).. yeah wicked.. heaps of power, awesome brakes.. full race fairings look nice as well..


    poor riding position if you're tall, clattery and noisey and smokey, somthing other motorist dont appreciate in traffic, they have no, and i mean NO low end power, u need to top up the oil tank as well as the fuel tank, constand rebuilds, pre-1995 engines are known for dodgey powervalves that break the retainer pin and fall into the cylinder, stopping the motor and locking the back wheen instantly.. not safe!

    i ended up buying a Bandit 250 (4 stroke, 4 cylinder 250) as it will happily commute to work, has some poke (45hp) unfortunately not as much as the 2 strokes, but requires about 1/5th the maintence, and has perfect traffic manners and low rev ride-ability. it also has electric start, somthing you'll really want when u dont have it.

    but yeah, make of it what u will, bottom line, a 4 stroke will be better to commute on rather than a peaky 2 stroke.. in my opinion.
  15. I'm thinking I will be going to a 4 stroke as I just don't have the time to play anymore and need something I can rely on. Sure the extra power would be nice but I'm only going to and from work. The CBR 125 would be ok but again not so good for passing traffic. I'll see what I decide once I sell my beloved Mito :(