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Advice On Protective Tape.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by TheBlokeAtNumber27, Sep 6, 2012.

  1. Shortly the GLW (good lady wife) and I will be taking off on a bit of a trip. Now normally our paniers and tank bag do the trick just fine for our trips away but this time we have to take a bit extra. I plan to strap a soft bag to the rear spoiler for additional storage.
    Can anyone recommend a protective tape that will protect the paint from rubbing and chaffing and yet be easy to remove without damaging the surface. I once used gaffer tape and I still have a "bald" spot where the gaff took the paint off. Not doing that again.
    Over to you guys.


  2. ye, take a car :D
  3. Only if it's a Hyundai Getz, Nissan Micra or Proto Savy..I'm very worried about fuel efficiency and speed cameras.
  4. I use an extra-wide roll of electrical tape that I got cheap from one of those discount stores a while back. It's sticky enough to stay put, but I've never had any problems removing it without damaging the paint - especially if the bike's been sitting in the sun for a while. Does occasionally leave some adhesive residue, but that tends to come off pretty easy with metho.

    Whatever tape you use though it's always a good idea to give the bike a good coat of wax first, that way if the tape does stick it should only take a layer of wax with it.
  5. Clear book covering stuff.
  6. Blue masking tape. You see it a lot protecting paint etc at trackdays.

  7. What about one of those perforated floppy rubbery mat thingys - like the ones you put under rugs to stop them slipping on a polished floor? I use one under the panniers and haven't had an issue with them.

    If anyone has, please enlighten.

    I know the guy where I bought my tank bag recommended 100 mile an hour tape, but I haven't tried it so can't comment.
  8. fully Bubble wrap the tail then tape it up tightly with gaf tape, then you can gaf tape whatever you want to the back as its now gaffa tape on gaffa tape and your paint will remain scratch/sticky free
  9. I bought a Bags Connection Cargobag (big tailbag) and it came with a sheet of clear contact (book covering stuff) to be stuck on the body work to protect the paint.
    I haven't used it yet, it came all crinkled and I was waiting for warmer weather so it would soften and smooth out before I applied it. I'm actually a bit dubious about it making a mess. What Greydog sugested sounds like a reasonable idea.
  10. Yeah i'd use spraypainters masking tape, green or blue otherwise Very cheap wide electrical tape.

    Steer well clear of gaffa, gorilla tape, 100mph tape any of those harsh fabric type tapes as they don't come off easily or cleanly.
  11. 3M do a clear tape: I have the bike and car treated from new to protect the paint, it works very well. For smaller areas it's easy enough to apply yourself, lots of slightly soapy water, squeegy to remove air bubbles and allow to dry.
  12. Thanks guys and gals. There's some useful tips there. Ta.
  13. electrical tape.

    dont use gaffer or book contact, i have put both of these things on my bike, and it is consequently covered in residue.
  14. Sew polar fleece under the bag, fix the thing that is causing the problem. If you strap it tight it should not slip, I made a slip on for my tank bag too, even though it came with rubber backing, still dont trust it not to scratch the tank. Just hit bottom of the bag a few times to dislodge and sand or dirt before putting it on.
  15. Some in the 4wd scene use a paint-on product (I think it might be called Skinz or something similar) that dries to form a clear or clearish film. When the time comes to remove it I seem to recall that it just peels off. Might help.

  16. There's some stuff called "Plasti Dip" available in aerosol cans or tin. Basically does the above (though not sure if it is available in clear). Look it up online or YouTube - heaps of videos of guys painting their cars or wheels with it for reversible colour change. It should peel off in a large sheet if applied thick enough.