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Advice on Protective Gear

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by agelow, Jan 20, 2011.

  1. Hi guys,

    This forum is great, been studying it like crazy. With help, I've decided on a Suzuki Across 250f as my first bike.

    Just wondering about gear now. I understand that most people try on gear at shops, then buy online except helmets. And its best to find something that fits perfectly, not neccasarily whats cost most.

    Theres so many to choose from, I was wondering if anyone could recommend me gear thats tried and tested that has worked for them?
    What exactly should I look for in these gears?

    This is my rough budget with max at $1000 total.

    Helmet - $200-300
    Jacket (prefer: textile, suit most weather conditions, want something casual looking, with back protector)- $150-250
    Gloves - $50-100
    Pants (casual looking) - $80-100
    Boots - (Not sure whether to invest in armoured boots) - $100


    1) Wheres some places to visit near Vermont South.. Eastern Subs?
    2) Wheres good websites to order online?

    Thanks guys! Hope to be riding with you in about 5-6 weeks!!

  2. have a look in the review forums on this web site for other peoples impressions of gear they have bought

    there are some very good value for money items available from many different suppliers
  3. Helmet - you can get a reasonable helmet for $2-300, but as you've already said yourself, it's more important that it fits properly. I'm lucky HJC's fit me very well, whereas my wife finds that $7-800 Shoei and Arai helmets fit best.

    Jacket - You won't get a particularly good one for $200.

    Gloves - I'd suggest you get 2 pairs (summer and winter). Expect to pay >$80 for a good pair.

    Pants - If you can find a pair of motorcycle specific pants for less than $100, let me know.

    Boots - I haven't bought boots for a few years, but look at spending more than $100.
  4. I've seen DriRiders on special online for $199. They're not brilliant as far as detail finish goes but mine held up quite well in a moderately bad slide a couple of years back and I'm still wearing it.

    Agreed, and, on this one I'd recommend not buying DriRider. Comfy but not durable.

    I went past Kitbag the other day and they were advertising kevlar jeans for $75. If they're the same as the ones I got from them a while back, they're good stuff. Check their website.

    I favour lace-up SteelBlue work boots myself and have found them to offer an adequate degree of foot/ankle protection for general use, whilst being very durable indeed. Whilst you might be able to get a discounted set of bike specific boots for the same money I doubt if they'd last as well. Yes, I have crashed in my steelies without ill effects and being careful about lacing them has avoided any entanglement incidents.
  5. damn comfortable as well
  6. Definitely at the bargain end with that budget but that doesn't mean you can't get something reasonably decent.

    Helmet - $300 is all I've ever paid, and my last helmet certainly held up well in a 100kph impact into the side of a car. Just don't waste money on fancy graphics.

    Jacket - $200 is a little low for a decent textile, probably best to aim for $300 unless you can get a bargain at a sale or clearance outlet (or at least spend $100 on a proper back protector).

    Gloves - $50-100 is plenty, though come winter you may find yourself wanting a second pair.

    Boots - Paid only $70 for mine from Aldi and more than happy with them, only a once-a-year thing but I have seen very similar boots around for $100 or so. Tried lace-up boots originally but after wearing out the toe on the shifter and copping a few rocks and small birds to the shins I prefer to stick with proper boots now. Also like to have a little more protection against my ankle bone being ground down on tarmac than just a single layer of leather.

    Edit: Oh and for pants kevlar jeans are probably you're only option with that budget. I just recently bought a pair complete with armour for $120 - but could have got them for $100 if I'd wanted blue instead of black. Leather pants with armour are going to be $200 or more, same goes for cordura.
  7. Not far from home you could head to AMX on Dorset Rd Croydon(?), Bikemart in Ringwood and Peter Stevens clearance centre in Ferntree Gully. You'd probably get close to your budget of $1000 as possible. I'd say it's do-able.

  8. +1 to AMX or PS in ftg. Or the Peter Stevens clearance centre in town (A'Beckett St). Should do it easily.
  9. I bought from a couple of online shops that also operate physical stores, I heard of them thanks to netrider.

    Bikers Gear Australia http://bikersgearaustralia.com have a shop in Phillip Island, and they are opening a new shop in Ferntree Gully at the end of the month. I've bought a leather jacket from them. Their textile jackets are within your budget. I bought online since I'm in the wrong state.

    Starider http://www.starider.com.au/ have a shop at Ormond, I've bought fully-lined kevlar jeans from them. Bought online again since I am still in the wrong state.

    You can look up the helmet safety ratings by the UK gov, you should be able to find a good one that fits your head and your budget
  10. If you're a size 43 I have a pair of near new agv (I think) touring boots you can have for $50, worn about 3 times - They are my sons, he has turned into big foot and they don't fit him any more.
  11. Cheers for replies guys. Heaps of great help here on forum.

    I really just want to be safe. Like if i go for a arse slide at 60km, I wanna be able to sit down after it.

    Jackets -> http://www.revzilla.com/clearance-motorcycle-jackets Im looking at this and getting overwhelmed. Anything I should look for in buying a jacket? They range here from 100-250+

    Same goes with gloves and pants. Not sure what I should look for other than fit?

    How do you tell if it is good for summer/winter etc?

    I know that for helmet, its good to look for removable liner so u can wash it.

    @Holster I'm Size 9 Mens. Does that help? Can you pm me a better description of the boots like model etc.
  12. Get a jacket with a removable thermal inner lining, so you can use it in hot a cold weather. Make sure it has a back protector, some jackets come with none.

    For gloves I'd suggest you get a size that feels like it's painted onto your skin. It will eventually stretch. Loose gloves can make it tricky to control the throttle and use the indicator and other controls.

    For boots make sure they are water proof, there's nothing worse than riding around in soggy socks.
  13. Cheers CosWorth.

    For boots Iv heard people put shopping bags over their socks to keep it wet. I dont mind that. Could always bring some spare light shoes in my bag.

    With Jacket, iv seen some that say have optional pocket for back protector.. is it possible to buy generic back protector and slot it in.. or does it have to be a certain one. where do u get them from and how much approx?
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  15. I've got a pair of AGV sport textile pants that I wore once but are not quite long enough for me (6'1"). PM if you're interested or want more details.

  16. I've seen lots of people do this too. I'm not sure why 'cos it doesn't work. I resigned myself to either wet feet or an aching wallet many years ago.
  17. If you want to do motorycycling on the cheap then, for everything except your helmet, try the second hand shops.

    When I first got my licence the only thing I bought new was a helmet. I went to Cash Converters and bought a pair of leather pants, a leather jacket (different brand) and a pair of gloves. I didn't need to buy boots as the ADF had already kindly supplied me with a couple of pairs of GP's.
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  19. IMO boots are essential.
    I saw a mate of mine get hit from behind when stationary.
    Smashed his ankle through the primary drive cover into the primary gear leaving his foot dangling off the end of his leg.
    They managed to reattach his foot but his ankle never worked again.
  20. thanks for link Cos. that jacket looks pretty good. + CE approved Back protector! not bad.

    AlGroover, yeah ill probably get some proper boots. Was gonna skimp but yeh.. I want ankles after a crash