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Advice on next bike....long

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by paul_b, Sep 22, 2008.

  1. Hi everyone,
    Just after someone elses perspective on my next bike.
    Bit of background; I sold my 919 Hornet recently thinking I will get around to somthing a bit better at some point. I had it for about two years and enjoyed it up until I went and did a couple of track days :( 1st day was good fun, being a steep learning curve and all. The next one I just felt bad for it because it doesn't really have a top end and that it where you tend to ride it at the track. Anyway, then riding it on the road is fun, but they have budget suspenders and you soon notice its inadequacies (esp. after the track).

    If you asked me a while ago which bike was perfect next bike I probably would have said a '02 - '05 Tuono. My budget is $11 or $12k so these are on the upper limit. Also I have had a few people say that they can sometimes have a bit of Ducatti reliability/long term servicing issues, in other words not a jap bike, but this may well be bs. But I still love them!

    This lead me to the same era Speed Triple. Probably not quite the same primordial beast but well enough bike for me. I think it would be the perfect bike on the road, except..... one of the track days I rode a new CBR 600RR and loved the fairing. You can actually concentrate at 200km/h!! I don't mind no fairing on the road, tends to keep you licence a bit safer more often.

    Then I saw the 955i Daytona's of the same era, maybe the best of both worlds, fairing, bit more hp (not really required). There is plenty of them for sale to as opposed to the S3. People must love the S3 as they all have miles on them!! I guess if I had two bikes I would have a 675 for the track and a speed triple for the road. That said, I love the 675 and would almost get one, mabye aside from the comment by someone here that it was the closest thing to flossing ones ass with a bike. LOL....

    So then.......... any suggestions.......... comments on the 955 Daytona?
    I guess I'm just a bit paranoid about making the wrong decision, partly because I havn't tried to live long term with a sport bike and the riding position.



  2. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA they aren't that bloody skinny!
  3. I have a 2007 cbr600rr and its a very good track bike. On the road its good, but can become a bit tiring after long rides.Its heaps more comfy then the 05 cbr600. I rode a naked gsx1400 love the torque but hate the riding position and handling, but thats mt preference. U have to weigh whats more important track or road.

    Thats my opinion, hope i helped :grin:
  4. I reckon you go for a 955 for your road bike, easily withing budget.

    then if your real keen, head to the auctions to pick up a track bike.
  5. How about a gsx-r750? it'll have similar torque to the hornet I'm guessing (haven't checked though), it's apparently cumfy, perfect for the trackdays, and recently reviewed to be a better tourer than honda's VFR800 sportstourer.

    love the looks of the tooth floss though, I mean 675D :wink:
  6. I do like the gsxr 750's however they do seem to be more expensive on average than the 675. I thought the 675 would have a little more charicter than the 750 to. Where was the review about it being a better tourer than the vfr? And how did it get that!!!!????

    Keep it coming guys!