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Advice on New Rubber for the H6. BT016-BT021-PilotRoad2 ?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by VCM, Mar 28, 2009.

  1. Just noticed ( thanks to SHEPPO ), the front tyre on the H6 is almost cactus. Running Dunlop Sportmax on both Front & Back ATM.
    There goes my exhaust upgrade .. it's ok though I just performed a bafflectomy today with the help of SHEPPO & Yian . Sounds ok for now.

    Observations on the Dunlops so far is that I feel wet-grip is not as good as the BT020s I had on the 250, and leaning into a corner feels less progressive which is making me feel more uncomfortable than I was on the 250.
    As most of you guys know, I commute 90% of the time and attempt the twisties when I can. I'm after something grippy, good in the wet, reasonably good wearing and confidence inspiring in corners.
    I am looking at these:
    Bridestone BT-016 : I think they are an overkill for me, as I am not an aggressive rider and will probably not be happy with the life expentancy of the 016s.
    Bridgestone BT-021: They superceded the BT020s, which I was happy with on the 250, good wearing, dual compound..This is probabaly my 1st choice.
    Pilot Road2: I don't know much about these except for reviews I've read, which indicated they are on par with the BT021s.

    I would really appreciate any advice that may be incoming.

    Thanks in Advance
  2. I've been really happy with the Diablo Rosso's. They're equivalent to a Pilot Road, but the rear has a nude section for maximum grip. I ride reasonably hard and the Aprilia has heaps of punch off corners and I simply can't fault them. Warm up time is seconds, wet weather grip is very good, grip in the dry, ridden hard, is superb.

    I have used Bridgestone 002's (road compound) and they are a full on homologated sports tyre and I can honestly say that the Rosso's are as good in the dry* and vastly better in the wet.

    * The 002's would easily out perform the Rosso's at a track, where I'd expect them to just melt and lose all grip.
  3. dunlop roadsmarts work well for me. way better than the OEM sportmax
  4. I've never used anything other than BT-020/021 on the rear of my Hornet in 4 years; great wear and plenty of grip. (12,000 kms on average)

    Vin, you could get them for the front too because you don't have the daft 16" front wheel that I have.
  5. Turf the Dunnies, they're shite.

    Don't piss about with front end grip. If you're concerned about life, get an 021 on the back and an 016 on the front. Bridgestones FTW.
  6. +1 especially the wet weather grip! Sheer bliss to ride on and better than the shite Bridgestone are putting out
  7. I haven't ridden Rossos, but I've had half a dozen pairs of Supercorsas and a pair of Corsas and the Bridgestone 002s handle and feel significantly better to me.

    Potayto potarto, it's all personal preference, I love Bridgies to bits, Dougz seems to hate them... The main thing is that you get those Dunlops in the bin asap.
  8. I've not had anything to do with those Bridgestones, but I can say that as a general purpose tyre that doesn't wear badly on freeways and straight runs but also sticks well in the twisties, the Pilot Road 2's are great. The set I have on the VFR are wearing very consistently and look like I should get about 15,000km from them. I'm about half way there but there is no sign of them flattening off because of the freeway runs I have to do.
  9. The PR2's wear really well for me, 23,000kms on a pair so far (before the litre bike junkies get on my back - yes I know where the throttle is and yes I know how to use it). I haven't tried a pair of bridgstones since the BT45's on the Spada - which I was thoroughly impressed with. I think you would be happy with the 21's and the PR2's, find what is in stock and what is the right price and then feel the joy that is new rubber.
  10. I have a 021 on the rear of my Speed Triple, great grip, only just starting to square off, but I have been doing too much highway.

    On the front it runs a pilot power 2ct, its a great tyre. I am only about 1500km into it so far, so cannot give a good review of it yet.
  11. I agree with Loz about all dunlops Except the roadsmarts they are like no other dunlop i have tried.They have simular grip to a metzler m3 which is a pretty good tyre but are better in the wet and last longer.
  12. Thanks for all the input guys.
    I'm going to look into the following :
    Diablo Rosso's

    It will now come down to bang for buck I guess
  13. Same reason you hate Dunlops I guess. Not all tyres they make are crap but once bitten I guess :)
  14. bt021's vinnie.

    the bt016's would be fine, but i'm not sure how well they'll hold up to your 90% commuting 10% twisties.
  15. PR2s are pretty good on the road in terms of a good compromise between grip and durability.

    I'll be going powers next time though, they seem to give me alot more feedback and confidence.
  16. Surely advice here needs to take into account that Vinnie is asking about tyres for a 600 Hornet, like he's got, not an R6, for example, like he ain't???
  17. once he squares off a set of sticky tyres commuting he'll learn.

    dual compound are the go (roadsmarts etc)
  18. Pilot Roads and Rosso's are now as good as their super sticky equivalents in all but the ultimate track test.
  19. is the rosso a multi compound tyre?
  20. I've had 2 1/2 sets of Qualifiers, which had OK grip but turned both bikes' handling to shit, one D208RR front which scalloped itself to bits at 3500km and gave me some spooky front end slides but was otherwise inoffensive, half a dozen other brief rides on other Dunlop-shod bikes (similar handling issues strike me again and again) and ridden about two dozen 250s on Arrowmaxes (nuff said).

    Your 600 handled superbly on the BT016s it was wearing when I had a quick spin... I couldn't have asked for a nicer, lighter, more neutral and secure feeling in the corners. What was the issue? I hope it wasn't cold grip... They're sports tyres, you've got to cook 'em up a bit before they lay out their riches.