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Advice on leathers in Perth

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by l55lee, Jun 25, 2012.

  1. Folks

    I'm moving to Perth from the UK later in the year. I've carried out a little bit of research on what I can re-use from a clothing perspective and it looks as though I'll have to replace my helmet.

    As far as my leathers are concerned, am I going to find it too hot to wear them in the summer? The jacket does have breathable vents but the hottest weather that I've experiened wearing it was probably about 30 degrees c, nothing like I'm going to encounter in Perth.....

    All advice welcome and appreciated.

  2. Perth can get pretty hot in summer, but mostly it's a fairly dry heat so 40+ here is not significantly more uncomfortable than 30+ in the UK.

    Leathers are perfectly OK comfortwise in autumn, winter and spring. In summer they will be uncomfortable and you're better off with something like an armoured mesh jacket and kevlar jeans but if you really insist, it's doable. After all, the racers and the track day boys manage OK. You've just got to drink loads to replace the fuid that will leak out of you in copious quantities.

    As far as climate is concerned, if you ride year round, it does get reasonably cold on winter mornings (I'm currently leaving for work with frost on the bike) and it does get very wet from time to time so you'll basically need much the same variety of gear that you do in the UK. Best to bring it all with you if you can 'cos it's expensive in Oz and especially so in WA where we have to pay the "Perth Premium" for pretty much everything.

    If your bike's halfway decent, I'd recommend bringing that too or the local cost of replacement will make you cry.
  3. I disagree with PatB (but then I'm not a native) 40 degrees in Perth is almost unbearable if you are not moving, even in a mesh jacket.

    That said, most years we only have a couple of weeks or so that hit that sort of temperature, though most of the summer days are 30 degrees plus, and as mentioned, very dry heat.

    It never really gets cold by world standards (the lowest we've been this year is officially about 3 degrees, so in some places 0), but still chilly enough to wish you had a warmer jacket on.

    I wear a mesh jacket pretty much all summer and a DriRider Nordic when it rains - they do the job pretty well.

    I'd recommend bringing all your gear though, the weather can be very variable here, even one day to another.
  4. I'm not a native either, though after 16 years I suppose I'm fairly used to it, especially as I don't have air-con at home and a significant proportion of my working life has been spent away from its temptations too :D.

    I have been caught out by how quickly it's possible to dehydrate in the upper temperatures though, and I'll happily admit to using the wet t-shirt under mesh trick to get some cooling effect on the bike. When it's really stinking hot I'll resort to a heavy leather waistcoat and let my arms take their chances for the sake of being out in the breeze. Not on the commute though.
  5. Yeah I'll admit to being an AC sook when it gets warm.

    I have on a few occasions gone with no jacket at all on the commute to work, THAT will keep you focussed!
  6. I am a Perth native, and I find anything but squidding unbearable once it's more than about 35 degrees.
  7. On really hot days, it's awful no matter what you're wearing.
    I have a ventilated Teknic 'Chicane' jacket a size bigger than the fashionable skin tight.
    This works better than anything else I've got.
    Bring riding gear with you if you can. Our accessories market is not only expensive but limited in range.
  8. Thanks for the advice, all very helpful. It looks like I'll be taking my leathers and wet weather gear. It would probably make sense to invest in a lighter jacket for the summer before I leave the UK too.

    I wish that I has time to get another bike before heading over, I haven't had one for a couple of years, but I've read that I would be quite seriously stung with taxes/import duties etc.

    Thanks again!

  9. The costs and red tape aren't too bad for a personal import (ie a bike that you own and have owned for a minimum of 12 months). However, if you don't already have the bike to bring over, you're stuffed in that regard.