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Advice on Intermediate Courses

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by rodgerdodger, Nov 10, 2005.

  1. I'm looking to do an intermediate riding course and was wondering if anyone had any to recommend. I did my learner's and license course at HART and was probably just going to continue on with their Level 5 or whatever the intermediate course is but I was wondering if there was anywhere else? Where have people done their intermediate courses and would they recommend them? What sort of riding skills were covered, what gear did you need to turn up with, where, and how much were the courses? Thanks in advance for the advice.

  2. I did the level 1 cornering course with the Australian Superbike School. I found it a really good course which helped improve my cornering. It helped me by allowing me to go through corners more smoothly, which in turn made me go around corners faster.

    When I did it two years ago, it cost $300 -$350.

    To do the course, you need full leathers else they won't let you onto Philip Island raceway.

    For more info, check out their website:
  3. I did the HART intermediate course earlier in the year, just before I moved up from the 250. Found it a good course, I think it helped with the transition to a bigger bike.
  4. I did a couple with Stay-Up-Right.
    The first time I did it was with BMW club and there were over 25 people - with 4 instructors.

    The 2nd time there were only 7 people - with 4 instructors. I took in a lot more that time as I had more time to practice what they were teaching/enforcing.

    I learn a few things on the 1st time, but got a lot more the 2nd time because I had more time on the track to try and improve as the instructors gave me feedback. For me, the key was the feedback so that I can improve.

    Stay-Up-Right is at Broadford and they did not make me wear leather. I do wear full cordura type suit though.

    Talking to my partner who did courses with HART - there's not much difference between the 2 company really. However, check how many will be in the class. More than 12 I think would be too big.
  5. Ride-tek is a netrider partner offerring 10% discount to members, on presentation of your membership card. They have a defensive riding course that I heard very good things about. They're website has a full description of what they cover.
  6. Level 6-7 at HART is bonzer. It focuses on slow to medium tight stuff which really works out your throttle and steering control. The facilities and instructors are good and it's a lot of fun. You'll be riding the 600 Hornets too, which I love. I learned to do stoppies in the emergency braking exercise...

    Don't bother with the Advanced 8-9 course afterwards, you'd get just as much out of doing the intermediate again. I reckon I'd get plenty out of doing the 6-7 course again after already having done both.

    Superbike school is a very different proposition. It's twice as expensive (four times if you hire one of their Daytonas for the day - and you'd wanna because your insurance won't cover a racetrack crash) and it's all about high-speed racetrack stuff. I reckon it'd be brilliant for what it's designed for but you'll probably get more practical everyday situation type improvement out of the HART intermediate one... Like getting really good at tight u-turns, dodging potholes, emergency braking and swerving, and street style body and lane positioning.

    Each time I've done a HART course I've come away with months' worth of technique to think about.
  7. Yeah, I there that day, remember your stoppie fetish well. I was waiting for the instructors to bust you down to a Postie bike!

  8. Were ya really??!!! Well, there you go! Actually all the instructors were quietly revving me up to do more while trying to look all responsible... They were having a good laugh. Heh heh.