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Advice on how to check brake pads

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by Antiwarclan, Mar 27, 2012.

  1. Hi All,

    I'm riding a VL250 (2007), last few days the front wheel was making noises during braking. I have replaced my brake pads in 7,000KM (now is 11,000KM), need some help on how to check whether the brake pads needed replacement? Is the replacement process easy (means I can do it myself) or I have to engaged a mechanic to do it? Please help Thanks.

  2. To be brutally honest if you can't check whether or not they need replacing, you shouldn't be replacing them.

    Pay a shop.
  3. Thanks Spruce. Noted and called mechanic to book an appointment today for the checkup.
  4. Good. It generally isn't too expensive an exercise, if it is in fact the pads that need replacing.

    The brakes are not really something you should mess with unless you know what's what.
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  5. If you look through from the front of the calliper (and bike), you would be able to see the pads just almost touching the disc.
    There should be a groove cut out in the pads, which would be the wear limit. If you can't see the groove or it's really shallow, then chances are you would have to replace the pads.

    For the precise thickness, you might have to refer to the service manual.

    Replacing it would be a relatively minor task of removing the calliper and associated bits (2 bolts and pins?), provided you do not squeeze the brake lever intentionally or by accident. ](*,)

  6. add...

    1] clean calipers
    2] inspect calipers for any signs of fluid leakage
    3] ensure after cleaning and inspection the caliper pistons retract smoothly
    4] inspect brake lines for damage and leaks
    5] check brake light switch(es) for correct functioning and adjust as required
    5] every 24 months ( 12 months if your keen ) change brake fluid

    and if you have the front end off the ground to do any of this, also check front wheel bearings and head stem bearings.

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  7. Thanks guys for the info. managed to get a mechanic to replace the brake pads and inspection of fluids and cleaning. I gotta say Mark from Mick Hone is the best! I am tempted to do it myself after Spruce's comment, i better not messing with the brakes as I have little to none experience in this area.
  8. Once you learn how, the mechanics of replacing the pads is straight forward... however you don't have the years of experience to read the first signs of an issue that may be brewing. Learn how and save some dough, then use that dough to have a mechanic properly go over your brakes every now and then.
  9. I can check the pads in the BMW by pulling them out, giving them a clean and putting them back in 10 mins. Howeveer when I tried replacing the pads in the Yam it took me 2 months :LOL: