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Advice on home made carbie synchronisers

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by aussieal, Nov 28, 2008.

  1. Hi

    I have an FZR 250, i bought, ive had dramas with it. Basically the old tank had a lining put in it which has deteriorated. So it was full of gunk that would clog the fuel intakes and she wouldnt run. I got a new tank. We had taken the carbs out to clean the jets. Now it idles and runs, but rough. And im assuming the carbies need balancing. Its a pretty simple procedure. Ive found links to tools you make, basically with tubing around a yard stick. you put fluid in the tube, having attached to the vacuum of two carbs, and when the fluid is at an equal level in the upright tubes, youve balanced the carbs.
    It seems simple and really cheap as opposed to a 150 vacuum gauge. Im wondering if you can do it 2 carbs at a time for a 4 cylinder? As the vacuum gauge hooks up to all 4 cylinders???

    Thanks for any advice...

  2. Not sure what you mean by this. If you have a twin, both need to be balanced. If you have a 4, ALL need to be balanced together.

  3. Try & find some info on the two bottle system, this lessens the chance of you sucking water into the engine. Can still happen, but you've got more time.

    Other than that, just start with the first cylinder which attaches direct to the throttle cable, then to the next cylinder along, & so on, using the first cylinder as a reference for all the others. Takes a bit longer, but sucked in for buying an inline 4!

    J/K, good luck! :)

    Edit: found http://fzr250.com/ looks like they might have some more specialised knowledge about your bike, have a look around.

    :et us know if you need anymore info!
  4. Not water. Dexron III ATF...

    You have to be a fair ninny to allow it to ingest the fluid anyhow.
  5. I have rethought this whole thing. I think the only reason I have had no problems is that I have a tasteful magic carpet in the garage.
  6. Magic? Maybe??

    Tasteful? No f%ck!ng way!!!

    And it clashes with the Dexron.
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  8. You can do it 2 carbs at a time, but you need to be very comfortable with what the sync screw is adjusting and you need to do it in the right sequence.

    also get some cheap plastic needle valves from an aquarium. these will help prevent sucking the fluid into the cylinders.