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Advice on gear

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by ]{ing Nothing, Sep 18, 2006.

  1. Greetings all.

    Firstly, please be patient with me as all this is shiny and new to me.

    I'm basically looking for some advice on riding gear. I'm soon to be getting my license, and a bike (welcome suggestions for second-hand learner bikes too - leaning towards cruisers) - probably in a couple of months.

    Obviously I want to protect myself and I am quite happy to spend money when it comes to my life, so assume that money is no object - or at least a small object. Given the upcoming months and the weather that comes with them, what kind of gear should I be looking at getting?

    I've done a small amount of research on my own, but sifting proper reviews from the sites just selling stuff is a lengthy task.

    What type/brands do you guys recommend for the following:


    If you disagree with someone else's choice, please list why. I don't want arguments, just opinions and the motivations behind them.

    So far the only decision i've made is that I'll probably get an agv helmet.

    Feel free to list anything I've forgotten.

    Thanks in advance!

  2. Welcome...
    And congratulations on a fine decision...

    What your asking is quite broad question and yes it is time consuming going shopping (even online). However, the search function on this forum will give you heaps of opinions too... check it out.

    But to give you a very short concise opinion....

    Helmet - Get one that fits you.
    Jacket - Again one that fits, leather is great but $$.
    Pants - Check out Draggins, Hornees etc
    Gloves - Yes
    Boots - Cant comment, still deciding myself


  3. Yeah, I'm reading everything I can find here already, but it's difficult searching for something when I don't know what it is! Giving me those brand names helps because now at least I have something to go on ;-)

  4. Servus!
    Was that a lucky guess, or do I know you?

  5. Helmet:
    Get one that fits your head, personaly i like the Nolan N61, when i put it on it just felt right.

    I have a Joe Rocket heavy winter jacket and just bought a Dririder Drimesh, if i could only aforn 1 i'd go fot the Dri Mesh, with the 2 zip out liners (1 thermal, 1 waterproof) it's an ideal all round combo.

    Draggins or similar + a pair of cheapish water proof overpants, if the budget streches but some winter wet wet weather ones later on, i have th Joe Rocket winter ones that zip to my JR jacket.

    Get ones that are comfortable, personal i prefer the ones with the hard Crabon fiber (or similar) nuckle protection.

    Most important MUST be comfortable, durring a days ride your helmet will be taken off every few hours at least when you get fuel, boots are on your feet all day.
    i put on gaherns and they were ace, cant go past good italian leather.
  6. There is alot of stuff out there. Maybe pop down to some motorcycle stores that have a good range of gear and ask lots of quesions.
    Well i recomend leather, its has the best abrasion(bad spelling) protection, but it more expensive, heavier and some arnt waterproof. Draggin jeans a good, and they suit cruiser rider style.
    Brands wise, arhh, for a cruiser, maybe try the stuff at mars leather.

    Have fun shopping
  7. I just went through the whole newbie system too, I tried on alot off stuff, asked around.

    DriRider - Very good brand, good prices and feels nice. I bought a Dririder Freeway jacket, Naudic boots and armored gloves, got it very cheap and it's top quality stuff.

    From what I heard, tend to stay away from Rjays stuff, its entry level equipment and tends to be poorly made (a cousin who owns a gear shop told me this)

    Check out http://www.mcleodaccess.com.au/ for most gear sold in Australia.

    You can probably get away with everything for about $700 for good stuff if you do your shopping.

    My helmet is a M2R Carbon Kevlar helmet, and it's great.
  8. As far as I'm aware, you don't know me. :)
  9. Apologies for the double post, but something on an aesthetic level, is there any decent gear that *doesn't* have massive branding and logos all over it? I like the look of a lot of it, then it's wrecked by a massive label/brand/symbol which generally doesn't look good.

  10. Apologies for the double post, but something on an aesthetic level, is there any decent gear that *doesn't* have massive branding and logos all over it? I like the look of a lot of it, then it's wrecked by a massive label/brand/symbol which generally doesn't look good.

  11. Most importantly get stuff that is comfortable and fits well.

    as for suggestions well here I my recommendations.

    Helmet: Shoei
    Jacket: Dainesse or Alpinestar, good quality last a long time
    Pants: Draggin jean, cos you can wear them out... also I'm not really a leather pants man myself
    Gloves: Whatever
    Boots: I just use normal shoes, but boots would be a good idea.

    I hope that helps.

    These are just what I like.
  12. Try Race Master Gear. Their jackets (I have one of the Dyno jackets) are great and Craig is fantastic to deal with. The only thing I would change is the armour, but that is why I wear something like this (also from RM Gear) on more serious rides.


    Even with the combined price of jacket and armour it still comes out much cheaper than even the most sale-reduced brand name leather jackets.
  13. agv helmets are quite a good choice, one of the only helmet brands who have evolved there lids. when you try it on you want a firm fit all over your head with no extreme pressure points but it has to be tight if its perfect fit in the shop it will be to loose in a few weeks wear as they need to bed in to the shape of your head. rst leathers are good for there price but you do get what you pay for. dainese and alpinestars will last longer and offer more protection with higher grade leather and armour. draggins are great for the road. I personally always wear proper boots, ive seen the result of a stack with the guy wearing sneakers not good... alpinestar make great gloves too really worth trying on and comparing to the cheapies , you will feel the difference. good luck.
  14. Any particular reason? I've had a few helmets in my time and though AVG is mostly fine it can have an issue with the visor. I've managed to break a tiny little plastic part in the visor at least twice. Once it's bust you can't open the visor without it half popping off. Very annoying and visors aren't cheap ($50-$100). Admittedly it may just be the particular model I bought, but I'm unlikely to buy another AVG.
  15. If you are going looking for leathers I recon Tiger Angel are better value that the Dainese/Alphinestars and they are made to your measurements. Oh and there an Australian company..
  16. First of all...

    What's your budget? How to suggest something if we don't have a budget.... Also, are you into branded stuff? practical stuff? budget stuff? all season? bla bla bla...
  17. Mainly because I figure if Valentino Rossi trusts his head to AGV, they are probably "not bad" :)

    Cash - All season is preferable, but I'm interested in buying the best on offer. I will spend probably the cost of the bike again on gear - so probably up to 5k or so to start with. As I said, I'm willing to spend lots on my safety. I may not necessarily be able to prevent a crash, but at least I can reduce its impact by wearing the best protection I can. In terms of the "branded" etc, like I said in my initial post I'm new to this. I just want to know what offers the best protection. What do YOU trust to protect you?

    Also wanna say thanks to those who've replied so far. Looks like Draggin are perfect for what I want in terms of bike pants.
    I'll check out some alpinestar next!

  18. Although I own a pair of Draggins I do not think they are the best choice in terms of kevlar-reinforced jeans. I believe Hornees could be better due to the larger amount of kevlar present on them (Draggins only have it in the arse ,fronts of the knees and a small strip joining the two down the outside of the leg).
  19. Gear

    Leathers: I have a 2 piece Underdog set - they are pretty good, and came in at abut $850 custom fitted - although the stitching on mine did pull out on both hips when I came off at Siberia (Joe from Underdog told me this problem has been addressed now tho to be fair)

    gloves: Joe Rocket - I have the racemaster from 2 years ago, they f*cking rock - I'd buy them again in a moment -

    Boots: I have a pair of Sidi Vertebra 2's - love 'em but they're discontinued now - replaced with the Vertigo's. I hear good things about Oxtars (sp?) as well, again not cheap but worth it.

    Helmet: I have an Arai - not cheap but after a $300 shark it's the big comfy chair. Someone else said try a bunch on - good advice as some will fit (people say Shark's only fit a certain shape head for example)

    Any that ain't gospel, just my 2c worth :)
  20. Helmet - Should be a fiberglass helmet, there are lots of cheap plastic ones on the market, plastic composites don't hold up well in a stack.

    Jacket - Leather, AlpineStar, Dainese, Joe Rocket are good branded jackets most with armor built in and Mars in Melbourne, R Jays are good plain jackets however most of these have padding rather than armour.

    Pants - Leather, I like 2 piece Jacket and Pant suits over the Kevlar pants.

    Gloves - Leather.

    Boots - AlpineStar, Oxtar, Sidi, Gaerne are all good boots.

    The more protection you have the better