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Advice on first bike: fzr debate

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by uhhohh, Dec 14, 2007.

  1. Gday, I was hoping to get a little advice from those that know more about sports bikes than me as unfortunately at this stage I know very little...

    I have been looking for a while and have found a cheap 89 fzr250 however it is the 2kr model which does not have the exup exhaust system or the deltabox frame. I understand the exup acts like an exhaust restrictor and the deltabox is an alloy frame but what I want to know is do these things in your opinion justify spending an extra grand on (~2k for 2KR ~ 3k for 3LN) or should I save my money for the future and put it towards a better bike? Keep in mind this will be my first road bike...

    Is there any other differences besides these between the 2kr and the 3ln?

    Any advice on this topic would be muchly appreciated :)

  2. sorry after looking a little more at the forum it seems I may have posted this in the wrong section. If a mod could move this that would be great thanks!

    Mod: Not a problem :wink:
  3. Save your money man, save your money. In 12 months time (or whatever it is) you will think all 250's are ghey. Put up with the sh*tness of any old 250 for now and learn how to ride safely and properly. Then put your hard earned into something you love when you're off restrictions. Of course you could sink 6 or 7 grand into a 250 as well. Hey man, whatever makes you happy, that what it comes down to in the end :cool:
  4. +1

    you should save ur money for somthing nice when you get off your restrictions. i know it sounds good and all to spend sum cash on your first bike but take it from me you will regrete it. after being on you 250 for six months you will be over the slow moving sh.t pill and be wanting somthing fast...get somthing reliable like a honda spada or cb 250...definatly not exciting but will get you though your L's reliably and safe.. :grin:
  5. YES or you will spend $3000-4000 on maintenance and insurance in
    your first year. That $3000-4000 will buy a whole bloody FZR1000 and
    them FZR1000 are hell-a-fast. :grin: :grin: :grin:
  6. Pffft, don't listen to the boring safety nazis here - get whatever bike you want! Unless you are one of the new undead*, buy the bike that makes you want to ride!

    As for the decision between the two FZR models, just pick up whichever one comes along at a decent price. As a learner you probably won't notice much difference between them, and either will be a shitload more fun in the twisties than a busted-arse CB250. As long as you can keep it in the happy part of the rev range a GOOD sports 250 is an absolute hoot to ride, even once you are off restrictions.

    *New Undead - Boring losers who bought a bike for fuel economy whilst commuting and never ride fast or enjoy it. They only consider financial implications of purchases, and tend to be public servants. Usually do not have souls, only wear grey clothes and never smile.
  7. To add to that...

    I owned an FZR250 for over 3 years. Loved it. I made sure I got the one with exup, deltabox frame and twin discs. Just wanted it, cause it looked hotter.

    Since then I've moved on to a ZX7R and still recommend the screamers to people on their L's.

    A mate of mine owns a CBR1000 '06 model. He couldn't wait to ride my other mates CBR250, went for a squirt and loved it!

    Now say what you want, but in my real life experience, which does not include forum experience, everyone loves the 250 4cyl screamers. its only once you jump on forums where people don't like them... but you don't ride on the forum do you...
  8. Not talking about safty all i am saying is that you are better off saving your money for something you are going to have for 12 months and be over it in 6... 12 months is not long and 250 are not real bikes save the money and get somthiong decent which you will enjoy and want to keep.... :grin:
  9. pretty sure a 250 is just the size of the engine. i think a motorbike is defined by a lot of things other than engine size.

    pretty sure it is a REAL bike as u do pay rego, they do need to pass the same rego standards, they need to be complied, the list goes on.

    pretty sure u also need a motorcycle licence to ride one.

    i just posted saying i had one for over 3 years. i'm not the first bloke to do so. what's more, even if u only have it for the minimum 15months, why not treat yourself to a toy u enjoy.
  10. lol, I take it you are only quick in a straight line? I particularly enjoy taking my little learner-legal GS and embarrassing those stereotypical tryhard posers up in the hills here. You know the type - full one-piece Dainese leathers with untouched sliders, tricked out late-model 600 or 1000cc (usually a Gixxer or R6 :p), hanging off round every corner and slower than all fcuk.

    The vast majority of people I ride with are on open licences and much bigger bikes, but I don't have any trouble keeping up. It's all about YOUR RIDING SKILLS, only pin-d!cks NEED a fast bike and bag others who don't ride one.

    Don't get me wrong, I'm not bagging riders of bigger bikes either - I will definitely be upgrading at some point. It's just a stupid attitude to say that 250s are not real bikes, as they are much more involved and take more skill to get them moving. Riding a sports 250 is a fantastic way to learn. You need to keep them in the right gear or they die in the arse, so punting them along twisty mountain roads will really help you develop your skills. The short wheelbase and light weight gives you some pretty exciting corner speed too.

    Exactly, a decent FZR is going to cost maybe $2k more than a POS 250. Unless you are on the dole that is fcuk all, so get the bike that makes you want to ride!
  11. nice advice thanks dudes. I actually went and looked at this 2kr today and it looked like a big POS so Im thinking I'll give it a miss. I'm in no huge hurry as this one is just a weekend toy, as much as I love bikes the thought of having one as a DD does not appeal to me... yet.

    I was actually talking a bloke who works for fraser motorcycles last night at work and he reckoned the fzr was a sweet bike when it was running but a major pain the arse when it broke down, he said he couldnt even get parts for them because they're an import. Any thoughts on that?

    He suggested something like a cbr250rr, still a good sports bike but much easier to source parts and get a workshop manual for.

    As for the not wanting to waste my time on a small bore motor cycle I used to hear the same thing about my 200exc but for my needs and wants it was all I needed. The option to upgrade in the future is there no doubt but for the 12-18months I would have this one I reckon I may as well get a schmick one.

  12. Yeah you probably shouldn't limit yourself just to the FZR, the CBR and ZXR250 are not much different. I'm not sure about getting parts for the FZR, perhaps ask Ktulu as he crashed his a few times? I can definitely tell you that if you get a CBR250RR (as opposed to the single R) parts will be abundant, as plenty of learners crash them! There is also heaps of aftermarket gear available, which is sometimes cheaper than a second-hand factory item.

    If you want info on the CBR send me a PM, that way I can give it to you without the peanut gallery cluttering up the thread :p
  13. cibby's are great except for their gross overinflation in price. paying up to 5k for a 15 year old bike. BUT, they are quick for 250's look half decent, and as said before, have lots of parts around.

    ignore the boy races around who say 250's are not real bikes. They just use that as an excuse when 250's beat them around the twisties :grin:
  14. if you have your mind set on the FZR then find one you like and get it but the cbr and zxr are nice too, everyone saying you should get a POS is silly, why would you want to go riding if you know your not going to have much fun, your not going to learn the necessary skills on your L's if you dont want to go riding or your bike isnt good enough to get you anywhere. im looking for a good condition 250 sports bike and they are probably a bit overpriced for a 250 but thats what you have to pay.

    better spending a grand more on one that will work than having to fix shit that breaks on a cheap one
  15. hey dude, i used to have 2kr fzr250 - it was a nescafe americana one. quite a good little bike when it was running well. but i had a drop and put a small crack in the carby. it made it run bad but took ages to figure the problem out. eventually it got taken out by a tarago and retired to the big wreckers in the sky. but it was a grouse bike for sure. skinny and very light. they are pretty retro looking these days but your 250 will just be a stepping stone to another bike.
  16. Well i must add that i currently ride a FZR 250 RR 3LN-1 model, seems like a great lil bike. Screems its head off all the time and wants to fly. Handles good and seems to have a lot of power down low, yes mine does the exup but i really dont see what all the fuss is about, as ausjc said "us" learners dont really notice the dif. Im still wanting to know exactly what the exup does beside make the bikes revs jump after 8 thousound. Just grab one your comfy with, i got mine for only $2,800 but i did have to spend $1300 on getting it to run right as it hadn't been looked after. Im also in the process of fixing up the body, my avatar is what mine will look like once she has been sprayed.
  17. you are totally missing the point....oh well mab. when i have time i will dumb it down a little for you :roll:
  18. I've just been bikeless for almost 3 months because I have an import (GSXF400) and the parts had to come from Japan. So it is definitely a consideration to be aware of.
  19. .....sorry double post......
  20. hey dude I tried to pm but I need at least 20 posts before I can pm someone. Could you email us at tonythepony182@hotmail.com would really like to ask a few questions bout the cbr if that's alright. Cheers.

    Thanks everyone else for the advice I'm only somewhat confused now as opposed to very confused which is a step in the right direction.