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Advice on Eildon/Jamieson Rd

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by im.on.it, Apr 13, 2007.

  1. G'day everyone,...

    Looking for any advice for the Eildon/ Jamieson Rd, I've never been up there... but hoping someone on here may have ridden/driven it. If so I'd basically like to know if it's a sealed road, and would it be suitable to ride.

    Basically it borders the south side of the State Park... and here's a LINK

    Just trying to plan for a mid week Wednesday ride. Thanks kindly.
  2. It's sealed, with a good surface, for about 35kms out of Eildon towards Jamieson. You'll cross over the bridge over "Big River", and about 500m after that it becomes unsealed, and it is perhaps one of the worst unsealed roads you'll come across. Mix of gravel, dirt, and embedded with exposed rocks that the bike will deflect off of. Can be done on a road bike sure enough, but be super-careful, especially if it's rained recently because the dirt turns to slippery mud that will persist in the more shaded corners for up to a week.

    Going from Eildon to Jamieson is preferable for the dirt section as it's mostly uphill. Coming back the other way into potentially down-hill muddy corners isn't fun on a road bike.

    The unsealed section lasts for 14kms, and after that the rest of the way into Jamieson is sealed with grippy bitumen, albeit somewhat narrow (2 car widths wide - just). A word of caution about this section though, and that is it is very prone to rain wash-out, and depending on recent conditions and frequency of traffic, the road can vary from clean bitumen to a surface resembling little more than packed dirt even though there's actually bitumen underneath. If clean, the run down into Jamieson on this stretch of road is really enjoyable.

    So in short, first 35kms, lots'o'fun. Next 14kms, crap for road-bikes. Last 20kms or so, it depends. Either clean joyful fun, or needle-threading work picking the line of clear bitumen amongst the sandy rain washout.
  3. Thanks Stew, was thinking of Marysville / Jamieson / Eildon / back to spur... 12km downhill on gravel... aint my cup of tea.

    Now thinking maybe Jamieson to Licola... any suggestions from there? Looks like only choices are down to Princess Hwy or back to Jamieson... not particularly fond of gravel roads.
  4. Jamieson to Licola is perhaps one of the few stretches of unsealed road WORSE than what I just described between Eildon and Jamieson. That road gets closed during winter, even for 4WD's apparantly. It's not a road you want to take a sealed-road-going bike on.
  5. Right-O.
    Thanks again Stew, just confirming Marysville to Jamieson should be ok?
    Might head up to Mansfield from there then...

    You're a well travelled biker. :)
  6. The trip east of Melbourne to Licola and up to Wellington River is an excellent journey in itself. You can go to Noojee, Moe, Tyers, up to Licola, and then on the way home come back to Morwell and through SW Gippsland back to the city. It'd be a big day. Around 650kms and lots of winding roads. Probably not something to attempt in April-Sept, due to the shorter daylight hours unless you leave at the crack of dawn.

    As for Eildon direction, would Whittlesea, Yea, Mansfield, then up to Whitfield along that excellent 60km stretch. Turn around and come back to Mansfield, then across to Alexandra, and then towards Eildon but go through the Fraser National Park (Skyline Road). From Eildon, back to Taggerty and down to Buxton and the Black Spur on the way home.
  7. Marysville to Jamieson, by which way? Through Woods Point? That way includes around 70kms of semi-decent tightly winding gravel/dirt road, and around 30kms of sealed roads intermittently located along the road, which is not too bad to take a road bike to go on if you're confident enough, but I think that you really want to avoid dirt roads though, eh?

    Yeah, I've been around a bit. Am not a "super-tourer" though, but have done a fair amount of exploration.
  8. Word of warning.
    Skyline rd between Eildon and Alex had gravel through the turns and what looks like a concrete truck had a leak, leaving a line of dribbled concrete on the edge of the road.
    The concrete shouldn't be a concern, but the gravel is. I caged it on a sighting run, and decided not to go back with the bike.

  9. Cheers for the headsup Chef.

    might rethink my route. and save this one for another day once I've done a sighting run. And big thanks to Stew for the wealth of info shared.
  10. Not really related to your question/intention im.on.it but I saw an article in the local newspaper(Standard) about the remaining 14k being sealed in the near future. Thus making the route from Eildon to Jamieson completely sealed. Cant remember how, when or who but it seemed to be a certainty.

    Would be a very welcome addition to the fun, close to melbourne roads(spurs,kinglake) that are becoming seemingly more crowded each weekend.