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Advice on corners

Discussion in 'Scooters' started by Boomer, May 3, 2007.

  1. Hey everyone, a friend of mine was nice enough to loan me their Bolwell 125cc scoota (7 years old) whilst they're overseas for a month. I just got my learners on Sunday, so have very little riding experience (I rode a 50cc on the gold coast around 2 years ago)

    Last night I rode the scoota home and it went really well on the straights, but I was nervous taking 90 degree corners like when you turn into a street, or doing a right hand turn at a round a bout.

    I felt kinda unsafe, the tyres were completely pumped up. It felt as if it was hard to turn, but I started experimenting and trying the whole counter steering thing, which seemed to help.

    Does anyone have any tips on how to take corners properly, at the learners test you only take the corners at around 10-15km/h so it is easier. Any ideas?

  2. lean into the corner a little bit, dont brake with the front at all if you can help it, if you have to use minimal amount of front brake. and for optimal cornering stand up just slightly so you shift the weight off your bum and onto your feet, you will notice a huge difference when you shift your weight.
    also do this if you have to brake hard.
    u dont have to stand right up just lift your bum off the seat by about 1-3cm.
  3. Bolwell 125 - very easy to corner.

    IMHO Unless you are starting from a stationary position or travelling very slowly, don't be turning the bar like a steering wheel. Cornering is all about inducing the scoot to lean into the turn, prompted by body lean or counter-steering (push right to go right).

    Find an industrial area with empty roads or a large unused car-park and practice, practice, practice.

  4. its simple. don't confuse yourself with anything except this;

    Look through the corner, to where you want to go.

    Do not look at the ground/tyre/handle bars/speedo/hot chick or bloke crossing the road. Look where you want to go, keep off the anchors and relax.

    I suggest you get out there in the quiet times and practice heaps.
  5. Wot he said...it's that simple....really :)
  6. yep, good point guys, practice is the key I guess... and I remember now, the instructors said to look through the corners, not at the ground etc... gotta get used to doing it

    thanks heaps for all your tips!
  7. Corners are where the fun starts :grin: . Match your lean angle to your corner speed whilst looking ahead where you are heading. Youll be suprised how fast you can corner a scooter in safety (low centre of gravity). Be wary of corners that may have oil/potholes on the road and slow down a bit on these. Never hit the front brakes hard whilst cranked over . Practice, practice.
  8. yep, thats it. but i know its easier said than done when your just starting out, cause its your natural reaction to look at the ground. dont worry about your speed, that will come as your confidence builds.
  9. COrnering is fun once you strat to get the hang of it. I have only recently (this year) got my license and know what you mean. Definately look at where you want to go and keep your head up. At any reasonable speed remember that leaning the scoot is going to do the work not turning the handle bars.
  10. re conrnering

    All the other comments were great and work, without question.

    If I could add the absolute best advice I ever received re. cornering is this.......It's all in the hips.

    In addition to all other tips, add this...move your hips slightly ie right hip forward to turn left and left hip forward to turn right.....keep your knees in and stable. You can practice this b4 cornering by playing on a straight stretch of road and seeing how you can make the scooter move by adjusting your hips slightly in either direction

    I hope this is clear lol I can see it and feel it...hope it's coming across to you

    Have fun! Twisties are great and soon you will be looking for em whenever you ride :)