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Advice on buying my first Road and trail (enduro?) bike.

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by jigme, Jun 25, 2006.

  1. Hi nerdriders :LOL:

    I'm going to be buying a motorbike soon, upgrading from the 50cc Bug Jive lawnmower I'm riding at the moment to and from work.

    I am in love with, and have always wanted a road/trail bike. Are these bikes also called Enduro's or are they something else?

    I've been asking people for advice but it seems these people are either highly bias towards a certain bike, seemingly for no reason and definatly not through experience. :?
    What I would really appreciate is some people who have ridden some of these bikes that I'm looking at and to give advice which bike would be best suited for my needs. Or is this overthinking this and are they all much of a muchness?

    What will I be doing on this bike?
    I'm glad you asked Watson.
    Road riding mostly but I would also love to do a little trail riding. This will be pretty tame trail riding, mixed with the odd 360 turndown. Okay... maybe not the turndowns.. But you get the idea.
    I would also like to do a little 'touring'. As in, riding down south to Margaret River (I live in perth) which is about 300 km's away, also a little freeway riding.

    I will also, from time to time, give my girlfriend a lift here and there and will probably take people for rides now and then so the presence of pillion pegs and a seat to take my girlfriends ample ass would be of benefit. :roll: Often buying a bike suited to the girlfriends butt is easier to suggest she does exercise or puts down the bag of marshmallows... But that's another story alltogether. I digress.

    Okay. Now please no one suggest a roadbike as I've decided to go with the road/trail simply because they give me a major errection. :cool:

    I'm limited to 250cc because of the law. And I don't think I'll go any bigger than a 250 in my life simply because I will use that power and most likley kill myself. I enjoy the feeling of speed too much. And ample women. But again.. Another story...

    My options are.
    1) Yamaha ttr250 (pretty and blue. IMo a beautiful bike)
    2) Kawasaki klx250 (damn.. that green makes me want to do things superhuman)
    3) Honda XR250 (Looks rad as well)

    Please suggest any other bikes if I've missed some out. I have heard many good, and bad things about all of these bikes but I'd like to get some riders who have had actual experience with these bikes or know about them. I have $5,000 to spend on a 2nd hand bike and this should get me one in good condition without much haggling.

    I look forward to your replies and thanks in advance for your help. Sorry for the long post. My crap sense of humour often extends things I need to say beyond what is necessary.
  2. Theres also the suzuki DR250 and DRZ250, not really sure on the difference between them but they have and electric start which beats the hell outta looking like a tool trying to kickstart your bike down the street.

    Im also interested to hear people experiences with using enduros for what you describe. Im interested in going down the same path. Really interested to hear if they hold out well enough on the longer weekend trips.
  3. Forget the kickstart XR! Or have they come into the new century yet?
    You could prolly throw a blanket over the other 3 mentioned (including the Suzi)
  4. Ok, well, you ARE going to want a bigger bike, just nod your head and agree with me, trust me on it.

    Between, me, my son, my bro and my daughter we've probably owned 15 or 16 road trail bikes (what your calling enduro) over the last couple of years.

    I've owned both the XR250 and the TTR250, personaly i prefered riding the XR, it's more Hmmmmm trailey, and a better torque curv up high in the revs BUT the TTR does have the electric leg which was FARKIN fantastic when i stalled, fell off, stalled then fell off always on a slippery sonofabitch hill. the TTR is more roadish i guess with better pilion seating and rear pegs.

    If you were going to do a lot of road miles i'd seriouly look at diferent gearing for both bikes, may be go down about 5 teeth on the rear.

    On the Suzys from memory the DRZ is newer and 4 strok.

    a mate had a KLX300 and it's more the style of the TTR than the XR.

    all in all most of the Jap road trail bikes are pretty darn reliable
  5. Yes the XR now comes with electric start. :)
  6. thanks

    :) Thanks for all the quick replies.
    Good to see teh XR has an electric start, but if a bike only has a kickstart I don't mind so badly.
    Keep the replies coming people. much appreciated :LOL:
  7. :LOL: I'm not doubting you, and i'm nodding my head. My neive debate was simply that 'if' I get a bigger bike, I'll probably ride it like an asshole and kill myself.
  8. Have a look at your local Kawa dealer, talking to my Bro and aparently there doing some ripper deals on the KLX range at the moment.

    IMHO you should also consider the KLX300, that extra 50cc will be apreciated doing Hwy miles.
  9. Re: thanks

    You don't want a kick start. Any saving in weight/money will be forgotten about when you really need to get the thing started be it on a hill in the bush or pouring rain at local shops.

    I've ridden a DR250 and it was a fun bike to ride. Max speed on freeway 110kmh and buzzing but went great on trails and also deep heavy sand.

    Try and test ride them all, especially at highway speeds, but spending $5K you should get a pretty good bike only a few years old - dealer may charge a premium, but if you get a warranty it is well worth the peace of mind.
  10. One bike for you - XL250 degree! fantastic steeds - check em out - I loved this bike - a little more practical than the xr if you not gonn be doing serious trailing and stuff - slightly lower seat height amognst other things.
  11. go the yammies, xtr xtx
  12. Apparently there is a kit to expand the 250 to a 300, (My cousin just started on one)
    he has said that it really strugles to stick to 100 on the hiway (As a 250), so there is no fear of killing yourself because of speed. he was saying that the 6th gear is basicly waisted because it doesn't have the grunt to hold it.
    I am somewhat suprised by this, though he is still running it in so it might looosen up and give him a little more.
    Can any one coment on whether this is normal or not?
  13. 250 trailys dont exactly pull like a school boy - they are not designed for highway miles - 50cc upgrade would have a minimal effect on the top end performance of the bike. I doubt that "loosening up" will make things better either.
  14. Unless you absolutely have to ride a 250, forget about them. They'll be absolutely woeful on the highway and will chew themselves to bits.
    The 4 strokes just lack the power and the 2 strokes aren't designed for constant rpm.
    If you buy XR, make sure you get an older one and an R model with the plastic tank. The L model which is the only one that now sells new has a steel tank, is a bit heavier and doesn't have half as much kit. It's basically a waste of metal. Failing in both road and trail requirements.
    Your best bet will be a a late model XR400R or a DRZ400.
  16. You could try having a look at a Suzuki RMX250. They're a 2 stroke and have a shiteload more power than the 250 4 strokes. They're also road registrable and from the sounds of it you won't be finding the off road limits of the bike anytime soon.

    I haven't ridden any of the newer, more highly strung 4 stroke trail bikes (CRFs etc) but the older trailies that you're looking for are fairly bland and powerless.

    I haven't looked in a while but there's usually a fair selection of them on bikesales / bikepoint / trading post / all classifieds / monkey, and you'll find a decent example well within your price range. Being a 2 stroke you might have to factor in the cost of piston / rings / cylinder plating as most of these bikes will have seen some wear and it's fairly routine 2 stroke maintenance. Though you should have plenty left over for this work. Unless they can show recent receipts for this work assume it hasn't been done even if claimed.

    The downsides are that this bike is definitely skewed towards the trail side of the road / trail equation. It may have indicators but as mentioned above it won't do overly well on long freeway trips. They're just not made for it (and you're pretty much out of luck in the 250 trail department anyway - there's not really anything that will do everything you want). They also run premix which will be a real pain unless your rides are planned.

    I'd also make enquires about getting an exemption from the 250 restriction. You'll have to talk to the WA road authority I guess but if you can try every excuse in the world to gain the exemption as you may be able to get a bigger trailie which would do everything you're after. A lot better at least.

    Good luck.
  17. An other question that comes to mind...
    jigme spoke about some longer distances (Doesn't that exclude two stroke?)
    and with the idea of "Enduro" and longer distances,
    WTF is on about a damned 6 liter tank???

    I understand that you don't want a big 18 ltr like the ZZR, but 6? that is nuts
  18. OK
    i know this might not be exactly what you wanted to hear but i'll say it anyway...

    my personaly suggestion is a cheap arse 250 (road/trail/whatever) until your off your restrictions. Then get yourself something like a BMW 650GS or similar. They are going to be better for teh freeway/long distances than the more tril type bikes. But they are also pretty capable off road.
  19. The RMX (two strokes in general) is just another option I was suggesting... four stroke trail bikes aren't going to be a realistic option for longer highway distances anyway. Well, without gearing changes and the addition of a screen at the very least. And two up? It wouldn't be worth the effort.

    Narrow the scope of what is realistically going to be done on a 250 trail bike and the RMX would be a viable option. With it's drawbacks obviously, as I've noted. I assumed the terms trail and enduro are being used interchangeably here, but yeah, tank size is also going to be a major problem here.

    Basically just putting the two stroke option out there for consideration. As someone said above maybe just grab a cheap bike for your restrictions, learn as much as you can, and then go for it once you're able to buy whatever you want.
  20. I agree entirely. that the idea of tring to do any distance two up on a 250 is asking for hard work and discomfort.

    But still WTF is it with the Tiny tiny tanks?