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Advice on buying a XR250 or similar?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Rufes1, Oct 6, 2005.

  1. Hey there,

    Well I am buying a bike in the next 2 weeks. I have about 5,500 to spend. I want a road/trail with rego and has to be electric start.

    I really like the XR250's but I dont know what year they started coming with electric start? 04 maybe? And I think that would be out of my price range?

    Any other advice really would be appreciated, especially similar good bikes.


  2. XR250R does not have electric start. I think the XR250L does have electric start but its a softer bike than the R model. I wouldn't bother with the L model. As far as I know the L is a bit more road and less trail orientated with even softer suspension, electric start, and maybe tuned a bit softer. The R model is great as it is for on road road and will go offroad better. It always starts pretty easily with the kick start, even if it hasn't been run all week you just need to turn on the choke and turn the idle up a little to get it started in a couple of kicks, no worries really. Only time it become a problemis if you drop it and it floods/stalls. Can be a bastard to start then, but just needs a hill to roll down and away it goes.
  3. Hi, I remeber looking for my bike I spent ages looking at the options and ended up going for the cheapest I could. Not really relevant for your needs (since mine is kick)

    The main middle range contenders now would be:
    -Honda XR250L ($8190)
    -Suzuki DRZ-250 ($7490)
    -Kawasaki KLX250 ($8190)
    -Yamaha TTR250 ($7899)

    *(all costs are new not inculding ORC)

    All are still avaible new and in electric start (but again don't know how far back that goes on all the models). Suposedly fairly good, easy to use bikes. You can probably find a 2nd hand one for that price, but would need to check on it for electric start.

    I think Honda has just droped the XR250R in favour of the performance (but electric start) oriented CRF250 (which IMHO requires too much maintenance for normal riding). May be able to get a deal on one, but I think the R is kick only (and always has been). The current L has electric, but I also don't know when it started going electric (may have been 2001/02?)

    The expensive/performance side there is the Yamaha WR250F ($11299) and CRF250 ($11290), but both will be out of price range, even 2nd hand probably (esp since CRF fairly new), also both very biased towards dirt only riding.

    Other cheaper electric start options are Kawasaki Super Sherpa ($6290) or Yamaha TW200 ($5499), but not that well suited for more than cruising around the burbs and easier trails (I havn't personaly ridden though), however both are quite cheap. When I was looking for bikes I didn't find many 2nd hand ones though. For a 2nd hand bike Yamaha had a XT225 Serow which is suposedly a good reliable cheap bike, which I think is electric start. Another discontinued bike is Honda's SL230 which was made until fairly recently which is also electric. Used in on my licence test and it seemed like a nice bike (but you can't really test them well traveling at 20km/h all day).

    If willing to do 2 strokes there is Yam DT175 ($4499), but don't know much about it really. It isn't a performance bike though.
  4. Ahhh

    Whats the DRZ and TTR like? As good as the XR?

  5. A comparison between the DRZ and XR can bout found at Xr vs DRZ review

    The gist is the DRZ is slightly better than the XR.

    KLX250 Review (Only watercooled one of the main 4... can be seen as good or bad)

    Not really sure about the TTR. There is also a Yam XT250 as well I think but again don't know much about it, but I think it is in the same class as the Sherpa (may be new version of the Serow, since despite the 250 name is 225).
  6. Spoke to the bike shop today and they do the Yamaha XT 250 for $6,800 ride away.

    So i'm thinking I will try and get a bit of a deal on that and thats the best option?

    I heard they are very reliable and nice bikes. Anyone else?

  7. go the XR, and not just cause ive got one............ well maybe
  8. You would be better off going for a second hand drz, or xr than a yamaha xt. They are really an agricutural bike, don't do anything that well or exciting but run forever and bugger all maintenance.

    The drz or xr love trails, they only time you will find them lacking is if you want to take them on a mx track, which the xt is definately not suited to. I think from memory the klx is actually the same bike as the drz?, so wont be much difference between those two.

    That review is on the XR-L, it does metion that it is lower spec than the R model. The The R model is about 10 kg lighter than the L due to no battery and it has a plastic fuel tank which will improve the handling. As metioned earlier the suspension is also set up differently If you can live without the magic button, the R model would come out on top of the DRZ for sure, although the DRZ will still have a higher top speed. My mate had a DRZ and I would always kill him on my XR, much better acceleration.

    What sort of riding do you want to do, mostly on road?, trails? mx track? That will affect what you buy. If you want to ride on road then go XR - DRZ style, if you want to ride strictly off road then look into a yamaha WR250, they will cane anything else for the money (you wont find a crf for that price as they are only 2 years old), but the trade off is the maintenance required. They are more suited to weekend blasts than racking up km's on the road.
  9. I haven't been here for AGES.
    Anyway, the XR250L is a good bike, I had one and I bought it purely because of the electric start. How soft. Anyway, it was worth it's weight in gold, at the time I was living in Darwin and I'd go riding with mates and they'd flood their bikes or whatever, I'd flick my button and go.
    Bear in mind, it's got a smaller carby (I think) and if you put a Staintune and a Unifilter on it the carby doesn't seem to be big enough. At all.
  10. go with the xr mate,if u can get a electric start.
    the bike is bullet proof.its like a DATSUN it keeps going.
  11. HA!
    Funny you say that, the main reason I got a bike was because I was sick up to the vomit hole with a completley unreliable 1600 datto which has cost me thousands and given back 1/4 of it's life in actual driving order. Not to mention it does worse fuel than a v8. Mind, dual .45 webers.
  12. The XT 250 is actually a 225cc engine these days.

    You can't compare the XT with the XR.
    The XR is for real bush work, the XT is for a bit of off road riding.

    If you get an XR the best thing you can do for the engine is to change the engine oil, A LOT.
    They have small engine blocks and get very hot.
    My mate who races enduro changes his after every race, and that's only about 300 klicks.
    Change it every thousand klicks at least.
    Only use the best synthetic oil. Like Motul or Shell Ultra Helix etc.

    The XR will take lots of off road abuse. The XT will not.
  13. OK, i've had an a TTR and an XR, pros and cons, as a bush bike the KR was juts a tad better IMHO but it could be a biatch to start after you drop it, other than that bullet proof.
    The button on the TTR was sweet (and thats why i changed) but the suspension is mushy compared to the XR and it used to suck in water any time i did a creek crossing deeper than the axels (well not realy but it sucked in water a LOT more than the XR) BUT it does have the button :)
  14. POwer boost for the XR250's

    Just bought an xr250 (2004), looking for what i can do as far power upgrades go, whats the best first option ie: exaust, bolt on parts etc. The bike has plenty of guts, just wanting to know what my options are down the track...?
  15. wellllll, first thing to do is make sure its been derestricted. they sell them with an airbox restricter and a baffle in the exhaust to keep them quiet, but it also robs a fair bit of power. there is not a lot else you can do to make them more powerful unless you go for a big bore kit.

    best way to get a bit of extra kick is to change sprockets, but this cuts your top speed abit.