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Advice on Boulevard C50 pipes

Discussion in 'Cruisers' started by goz, May 3, 2011.

  1. Time for me to get posting in this section now that im on a cruiser :)

    So should i go the V&H or Cobra pipes



    Im after a nice rumbling sound
  2. Will be interested to hear of your decision Goz. I agree with you about the deep rumble. I hate those pipes that are loud but lack a pleasing note.
  3. I ended up buying the Cobra Streetrod slashdown, i'll do a before and after video on my GoPro
    To buy in Oz, over $1000 just for the pipes, Bought it from the USA, Got the pipes, fuel management and K&N filter for $750, fair dinkum
  4. Goz when you do your vids try to get the sound from a couple of different distances and angles. Some of the youtube vids are next to useless because they held the mic right next to the pipes.
  5. Having bought both Cobra and V&H slash cuts, in comparing them side by side (I never got to fit the Cobras - see other thread) the quality of the V&H was markedly better than the Cobra. You've made your purchase now so it's pointless advice, but I would have recommended you go with V&H.
  6. wasnt worried with the quality, im more after that nice rumble sound so i took the risk with cobras, if i dont like them ill get the V&H and sell the cobras
  7. I'm late for this advice....

    With the original pipes you can get an improved rumble by putting a steel bar down the middle section and knocking out the centre baffles - there are two from memory.

    Then you get to hear a different sound level and lower rumble without the expense before you decide on the new pipes..

    I did this for a couple of months before I went with the V&H - just to make sure I really wanted the extra noise all the time.. :)

  8. id rather keep the originals intact incase some people in blue dont like my new pipes
  9. I purchased the Hard Chrome 2 into 1 Side burner exhaust system... but I cant tell you how they sound yet as the bike's still in the shop:-({|=
  10. whats wrong with the bike?
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    Okay so the bikes back on the road after getting the new bits put on... =D>
    The pipes sound great and look OMG..... check it out [media=youtube]PJKtUGBqvQI[/media]
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    daaamn thats loud, i like the hypercharger, i will have to get 1
  13. Nice Gos but remeber you can't polish a turd but you can put glitter on it :LOL:
  14. Shame about the crapasaki then cause not even glitter can help that thing :)